What’s With All These Mediums Channeling Dead Celebrities?


Mediums are invading YouTube with their subversive brand of celebrity channelling and a lot of people don’t like it!


In the summer of 2016, I attended a mediumship workshop at Lily Dale Assembly, a gated spiritualist community in the state of New York. The course was taught by a well-known medium, and on the first day, she asked us to fill out a form with our name and website, if we had one. I did. The next morning, I walked towards the Assembly Hall, where the classes were held, and the mediumship teacher was standing on the porch, watching me approach, her eyes continuously locked on me and sending me waves of intense stares. Later that day, she ranted about “mediums on YouTube who think they channel celebrities. Why would Michael Jackson be interested in talking to you? LOL!” and quickly sent me another “who do you think you are” glare. Throughout the entire three days, I was the target of various passive-aggressive, simplistic comments about celebrity mediumship or how people who wear a lot of black carry lower forms of energy. Needless to say, I had insulted her profession and craft by daring to do something outside of what she and every other medium who follows traditional spiritualist teachings believe: mediumship is a gift from God and should be used to connect people with their loved ones only.

That was the first time I realized mediums have intense opinions about this and that we were shaking up traditional beliefs about how something should be done. After each class, my friend had to hear me rant about the comments the teacher was making, seemingly at my expense. Then I realized she was inspiring me to think about what I do, and in the end, it only served my drive to continue doing it.


My hands snapping a picture at Lily Dale Assembly while another pair of hands moves towards me (Photo by Kimberly Bateman)



Mediumship is a mind-expansive field. One can approach it with a spiritual or religious foundation, or see it as a continuously evolving and limitless field that has more to do with physics than any religious ideology. We here at Psychic Punx belong to the latter. To me, mediumship should not be limited to a structured or set way of understanding it. When we have an emotional attachment to how something should be done, we identify with that belief and get defensive when someone new comes in and suggests a different approach.

We have nothing against spiritualism and spirituality – I consider myself to be spiritual, I attend spiritualist services at times and have studied mediumship within a spiritualist context, including the wonderful above-mentioned Lily Dale Assembly. I’m also excited as fuck to attend my first workshop at the Arthur Findlay College in a few months! Spiritualism has a very traditional approach to mediumship, and it is one that I appreciate greatly and have such enormous respect for. The unfortunate thing with traditions though, is that they are self-limiting.

As a mediumship teacher myself, I teach my students the value of having work ethics and caring for your craft. I also give them another perspective, one that is not based in serving a deity. And it’s just that: another perspective. They are still able to make up their own minds about it, connect to spirits and deliver information with exactitude and precision. The world has not ended because of it. You can still do mediumship with great care, passion, compassion, humility, integrity and love without being of the belief that you are serving some white alpha male in the sky who has authority over you, your abilities, your readings, your thoughts, and anything else.



Mediumship is a field that should be forward-thinking, not backward thinking. This is consciousness and energy, not bible thumping. I don’t keep up with what other mediums do or what the mediumship, spiritualist, light and love or sceptic communities think, but after my Lily Dale experience, I ventured out on the internet and came across a whole lot of people from all of the above communities who spend a lot of time reinforcing the belief that mediums cannot invoke spirits they did not share a personal emotional connection with, i.e. “celebrities.”

Dude, we need to talk.

Define “emotional connection.” I have an emotional connection to art, music, movies, books, stories, songs, comedy, paintings, etc. and the artists behind them. I have an emotional connection to cultures, countries, history, etc. and the major players who have taken part it in. I also have an emotional connection to assholes, rebels, gangsters, thugs and cretins who have created dramatic shifts in our society. And guess what? So do you. An emotional connection does not have to be personal or positive in order to exist. This entire universe is based in the emotional connections we create with one another. And I can assure you that from the countless messages and emails we receive from people who are either happy or offended that we connected with a celebrity they loved: everyone has an emotional attachment to public personalities.

The energy of unconditional love that holds this universe together is not reserved to a special brand of chosen people, either here or in spirit. One’s social status in this life has no fucking importance when it comes to consciousness.




In 2015, I had no basis to believe celebrities – alive or in spirit – were above talking to me, and still don’t. Rather, it occurred to me that through the training I had received as a medium, I could invoke spirits that I loved and wanted to talk to that were not limited to just my relatives. I never once stopped to think I couldn’t do that or that I was breaking some sacred rule. The only thing I knew was that energy work is based in the power of our intentions and beliefs, and so I sought out spirits through my strong intention of wanting to talk to them, and by sending them love. It worked. When I created Psychic Punx soon after that, something else happened: a lot of random celebrity spirits started showing up, at odd times, wanting to be interviewed. I was shocked. Most of these were spirits who really enjoyed being worshipped in their lifetime or who wanted to be the “first ones” in line. I started developing a stronger and more precise, service-based intention for Psychic Punx and the type of spirits I wanted to interview, and set up a structured way with set boundaries for spirits to let me know they wanted to be a part of it. That also worked.

As all mediums know, spirits keep their individuality and essence when they pass, and a spirit person who enjoyed a public life will naturally have a lot of fun at the thought of being offered another public platform to shine from. I fail to understand how this logic has not come across mediums who don’t believe this is possible, like my Lily Dale mediumship teacher.

Some of the people you see doing celebrity channelings on YouTube don’t have an “educated” background in mediumship, and thus don’t have the same limiting beliefs that those who do sometimes have. And personally, I think that’s great. I value mediumship training and learning, but I also love people who approach something fearlessly and with a fresh perspective. I have traditional mediumship training, but I don’t concern myself with rules, especially in a field so intuitive and endless in how it can be understood as mediumship. Be genuine and step outside of the box, without any care for centuries-old traditions that don’t concern you. I personally love seeing people who do that, and take great inspiration from it. Check out the awesome Hiplet dancers as just one example:


Celebrity worship is the new religion.

I find it fascinating to observe how people who reject religious forms of worship stumble upon our site or YouTube videos and take offence at how we approached someone they obviously worship or hold to a greater status than themselves. We are making a statement on celebrity worshipping, how we as a society relate to death, and of course, on mediums and extra sensory people. Sure we’re funny and light-hearted, but we also kind of want people to think about these things. A lot of people out there have intense emotional attachments to their favourite artists or celebrities and feel they are above us all and untouchable. They react strongly to our channeling videos, as though we dared disrupt some sacred king in his sleep. This is the culture of rock music: the rock God who must be worshipped and forever adulated. Yawn.

Some people find it offensive that we dare express humour or speak to spirits in familiar tones. Some people think we are “exploiting” dead celebrities. Some people are confused because they have never been exposed to rock culture and the metaphysical worlds merging before, and share our videos on social media with tags like #WTF. Some people are self-appointed experts on a specific well-known figure and find us through their obsessive searches of everything that relates to said person, and will usually email us to let us know they are experts and know better than us and anyone else on the life of X celebrity.

Regardless, channeling the spirits we do has allowed us to connect with people who normally wouldn’t think of mediumship as something worth their time, who associate it with religious or woo woo crap, and who never considered it as something even remotely interesting. It has especially helped us reach out to people who have extra sensory abilities or who have had experiences, but who have never been exposed to a perspective other than a religious or a new age one or to topics of this nature discussed by people they can actually relate to.

This has allowed many of our viewers who normally wouldn’t be willing to open up to these things, to do just that – many people frequently report back to us continued spirit encounters with some of the spirits who have participated in our sessions. Our Ask PP inbox is filled with people, including sceptics, who ask “I watched one of your videos and then experienced a series of dreams/apparitions/synchronistic events with X celebrity spirit. How is this possible!” Nothing is ever coincidental: we trust that the spirits who show up for our interviews know what they are doing.


The first “celebrity spirit” I encountered was Sid Vicious, in 2015. He showed up on his own, and I suspect my dad in spirit sent him over to help me, because even in spirit, I don’t listen to my dad. When I first became aware of Sid’s energy and presence around me, I doubted it a lot, even though he went to great lengths to show me he was there. Around the same time, I kept feeling pulled to connect to this guy William Adley, to ask him if he wanted to be a part of Psychic Punx with me. I didn’t know who Will was, I had just seen his name in a Facebook group we were both a member of. I finally contacted him and suggested a reading exchange, which took place in Facebook Messenger. Here’s the first thing William said:


And that was that!