Psychic Punx FAQ

Why do you call yourselves punks when you are obviously not?

The term "punk" is not necessarily based on the physical attributes of a punk. It is based in what being a punk means: thinking outside the box, rebelling against the norm, not following rules, being a warrior for something you believe in, etc.

Are you satanists or something weird like that?

Of course not! We reject all forms of religious or ritualistic beliefs. We're all about energy and offer this website as a flip side to the spiritual movement, which is based in "love and light" and all things shiny. You can't find happiness without anger, and you can't know love without fear. We're here to give support to those who are sensitive and intuitive, and who resonate more with punk, goths, vampires or metal than, say, the hippie movement. We are part of a growing movement that includes Dharma Punx but also black yoga, and many more.

​What does being psychic actually mean?

The word "psychic" has been pulled through the mud for centuries, and is still today a word that is profoundly misunderstood. In essence, being psychic means being intuitive - someone who uses his or her intuition to process information, rather than logic. Everyone is intuitive and psychic to some extent - it is simply a matter of being receptive to our feelings, allowing ourselves to be more sensitive and to trust our heart. When you dream about things to come, when you get a feeling about someone or something, when you know in advance who is calling, when you think about someone and they call you a few minutes later, you are using your psychic skills. Some people are simply more sensitive to it than others and can access their intuition more easily.

How come I don't know any psychics or mediums, then?

You probably do! Because of society's tendency to dismiss intuition as woo woo or psychics as crooks, a lot of people who have these abilities hide them from others and live in fear of what people will think of them. There are also people with dormant intuitive abilities who shut them off because they don't want to appear weird. And there are those whose abilities go against what they have been taught, either religiously or scientifically, and who misunderstand it as being "possessed", "crazy" or other negative perceptions.

Mediums can't be real because they claim to talk to dead people, and there is no such thing as God or life after death!

It is quite ok for you to believe this, we are not here to impose our beliefs and views on anyone, and don't feel it's our responsibility to do so. Our own experiences with mediumship, however, tell us otherwise. The fact that we communicate with the consciousness of those who have passed tells us without a doubt that life does not stop after our bodies physically expire. As far as God is concerned, we believe it is a genderless energy made of unconditional love accessible within each of us and outside of us. We all have free will and it makes no difference to us who believes what.

How can you not be scared shitless of what you are doing?

Because fear stops intuition dead in its track (pardon the pun). We don't see energy as something different or separate to us, and don't judge spirits. We also believe we are spirits ourselves, we just have a body. So it would be like being scared of ourselves.

What exactly is intuition, anyway?

Intuition is your heart's truth centre. Most of us have been taught to shut this voice off and to listen to our "voice of reason", i.e. our logic and our mind. While it is imperative to use our logic, reason and mind, it is also important to find balance and to know when to listen to your intuition. For many people, listening to their intuition or feelings has become a foreign concept. Intuition is based in the heart and emotions. We all emanate energy through our feelings, words, thoughts and intentions, and this energy can be felt, seen, heard and known by those who are more sensitive to it.

Does that mean some people can read my thoughts?

Very unlikely, but with intuition, nothing is impossible. Most of the time though, it means someone who is more sensitive can know a lot of things about you the first day they meet you, without any prior information. For example, some people can see auras, which is your energetic field. Others can physically feel ill when they are next to people who are sick; others can sense tension, anxiety, stress or anger in another person, and can even take on these feelings without noticing it or understanding why. All these things are based in intuition, and are basically explained by energy being transferred from one person to another, and being picked up by those who are more sensitive to it.

I see dead people and I don't like it! What can I do?

If you see dead people, congratulations you are a medium! You are most likely very sensitive and have a huge heart. Another congrats there! If you do not like seeing dead people, that is quite understandable. The first thing we'd like you to know though, is that you are not weird. You are seeing these things because your sensitivity allows you to easily perceive energy that others don't, and being sensitive and empathic is what enables you to do that. Hundreds of thousands of people see the same things you do too! Ask yourself why you don't want to see these things. Is it based in fear, like not wanting to be different? ​We hope that this site will help you embrace your gifts and come to terms with it. We recommend you find classes or likeminded people in your community to help and give you support. You may be surprised at how many similar-minded people you will find.

How can I become a psychic?

Everyone is intuitive and psychic, and we all have free will to access, develop and use these gifts or not. There is nothing unique or special about us. The only way to open up your mind to the concept of intuition and subtle energy is to be receptive and open to the idea. Open your heart and be more sensitive to everything around you. Notice things, observe, allow yourself to consider the endless possibilities that your logic refuses to acknowledge. If you have problems with doing things based in faith, the concept of love, or not having hard evidence to back up your experiences, it might take more effort and time. Take a look at Mimi Bonhomme's Beginners and Intermediate classes on intuition development.

I want to be a medium or psychic too because it's cool!

While there are so many amazing and mind-blowing experiences that come with choosing to delve deeper into intuition work, being a medium or psychic is actually a lifestyle choice, and that choice comes with commitment and won't always appeal to others around you. First off, you are dealing with energy that most people are not aware of or refuse to believe exist, and that can create arguments, fights and breakups. This is a very sensitive subject that has broken its fair share of families. A lot of mediums and psychics experience loneliness or choose to make that part of their life a secret, to avoid other people's hostile judgements or reactions. People may also misunderstand and think you have suddenly lost your sense of reality, joined a cult, or call you naive, possessed, and other nonsense. Choosing this as a lifestyle involves a lot of inner work and self care. Your energy needs to constantly be clean and up, and this can also mean changing your diet or letting go of toxic people or situations in your life. A lot of psychics and mediums eat a plant-based diet and have cut alcohol, for example. It's also a good idea to have a basic understanding of energy and intuition before delving deeper into mediumship.

Why can't I leave a comment on your YouTubes videos?

Because we live in a time of instant gratification, where trolls and everyone feels they can express their heated opinions on a whim, hiding behind an avatar or pseudonym. We are exposing ourselves and what we do completely and honestly, and this is a voice that religions, science, sceptics and trolls have wanted to shut up for centuries. It's our turn to speak up, and we leave you with no option but to listen and think about what you have seen, or just change the fucking channel. We are also reaching out to people who are extra-sensory but who have no one to discuss their experiences with, out of fear of how people will react. This allows them to view our videos without being exposed to troll comments or judgmental reactions. We offer a safe space on all our platforms.

Afterlife Interviews FAQ

How do you know that you're really communicating with a dead person and not making this shit up?

Because we are mediums and we know what we're doing. Our experiences are very real. Having a metaphysical experience with subtle energy involves seeing things in our mind's eye or physically manifest before us, hearing voices or noises that cannot be explained, feeling sudden physical sensations or the feeling that someone is touching you when no one is there, smelling things that cannot be explained, or just knowing information without knowing where it came from. These experiences are very real for the person living them. The fact that someone else can't see or feel this energy does not make it less real.

Do you take requests?

No, we don't! We don't feel entitled to interview spirits based on an interest in their private lives, and we don't decide who gets an interview: spirits show up and request it themselves. We're not a ghost juke box here to provide spirit channellings at everyone's whim. The channeled interview portions of Psychic Punx provide an outreach to people who resonate with who we are and what we do. Spirits answer our intention and reach out to us in various ways, and we trust it completely.

Why do you interview celebrities or well-known spirits? Are you attention seekers out for your 15-minutes of fame?

In the same way that we do not separate ourselves from spirits (because we are all spirits), we also do not create a feeling of separation between ourselves and someone considered to be a "celebrity." We are not putting any spirits on a higher pedestal or approaching them with awe or worship - we believe that we are all equal souls. Rather, we see spirits who led a public life as individuals whose energy affected more people than most of us usually do, therefore someone we can all easily relate to, whether they did good things or bad things. It is easier for us to use spirits whose lives serve as a reference point for us all. All our afterlife interviews are done with the intention of learning about consciousness, the afterlife, forgiveness, and the metaphysical in general; they are not about worshipping dead celebrities or using them to promote our own agendas.

How do spirits get in touch with you for an interview?

There are various ways this can happen. The different mediums on our team have their own methods of identifying when a spirit is requesting an interview. It can be through meditation, or recognizing consistent and repeated patterns or signs linked to a specific spirit person. Mimi's method is to ask for a spirit to step forward who will be aligned with Psychic Punx's intentions and she will then hear a name. She then puts the name on a list, and on the week a session is scheduled, she asks someone from that list to step forward by sending her various signs.

​Is the information you receive during your interviews correct? Can you make mistakes?

Mediums are human beings. Of course we can make mistakes. We are dealing with very subtle energy, and do our best, as all mediums do, to "translate" the information that we receive from a spirit. Spirits send us thoughts and these thoughts (energy) are processed through our intuitive senses - which means we will see, hear, feel or get a knowing feeling or impression. We are not science fiction characters - we are normal, regular human beings who do their best, and who can make mistakes when interpreting information. A medium who makes a mistake is just a medium who makes a mistake. That doesn't make the overall experience less real and it certainly doesn't automatically make the medium a hack. It makes us humans. As mediums, we are constantly learning and refining our abilities to receive energy more clearly. With our interviews,we are mostly just having fun, and that's all that matters to us. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and we suggest you don't either.

How can a spirit be both with you and the other medium at the same time?

Spirits are consciousness, they do not have a body or ego, therefore they can manifest their thoughts in seconds, and be wherever they wish to be in an instant. There is no concept of time in the linear form that we understand it here, so they can also be at two or more places at the same time.

Why don't you ask personal questions that will generate answers that can be proven?

The point of our interviews is to gain a greater understanding of life after death, consciousness, and of why we are here. Celebrities or well known personalities are interesting to us, because they resonate more strongly with people and in that sense, are teachers - they represent all of us. We like to know and understand why some people came here and did the things they did, whether these things are seen as good or bad. We don't use our mediumship skills for morbid curiosity or for evidential information on a celebrity's life, since we don't know anyone who can validate this information. We prefer a more detached, existentialist approach. It is also not our responsibility to prove anything or to spread sensitive information about a passed celebrity. We all have free will, and so it is up to you to open both your heart and mind to it and to make your own opinions based on your own experiments, if you so wish.

Why do you edit your interviews? Are you purposely hiding or cutting information?

There are various reasons why we edit some of our interviews (not all of them are edited!). The main reason is that we chit chat and fuck around a lot during our interviews, and there's a lot of stuff that is - trust us - uninteresting to the viewer. We also cut out sensitive information or sections where a spirit talks about people who are still alive or provide information we feel should not be shared at this time, for various reasons. Mainly though, it is for pacing, we edit out the parts in between each question, to keep it at an upbeat pace and make it less boring - because it kind of is boring on its own.

Are you guys pretending to sound like the people you interview?

No! We are melding with that spirit's energy, and sometimes this means we can take on expressions, nervous ticks, gestures, etc.