We are a group of mediums who enjoy doing channeled interviews with well-known or infamous spirits, most of whom had a bit more of a rebellious streak in them than, say, an angelic one. The intent behind these interviews is to gain a greater understanding of a spirit’s purpose by looking back on their life, their actions, challenges, lessons learned, etc. and to learn about our own lives and purpose in the process. All our afterlife interviews are done on the spot with no prior research about our interview subject. We do not invite spirits (for the most part) or take requests: they come to us and request to be a part of our channeled sessions. We approach each spirit with respect and love, regardless of who they were or what they did, and never share delicate or sensitive information. We always ask the same detached, open questions in all our interviews and don’t fish for sensitive information. For more information about us and our interviews, check out our FAQ, or learn more about our mediums.