About Us

Psychic Punx was founded by medium and intuition development teacher Mimi Bonhomme, for extra-sensory, intuitive and highly sensitive people who embrace their sixth sense but who do not resonate or fit in with any spiritual school of thought. We aim to normalize what it means to be extra-sensory by exposing ourselves and by giving support to those who are coming to terms with their extra sensory abilities. The name and project is inspired by Noah Levine’s Dharma Punx. We believe that intuition is within us all, and that embracing one’s natural psychic and intuitive abilities is a birthright. We believe that Consciousness energy is unconditional and limitless, and that as such all perspectives aiming to define it are valid and legitimate. We reject all forms of dogma and promote independent thought. We are grounded, accountable, wise and compassionate intuitive souls from all walks of life and welcome people from all racial, economic, sexual, social, political and religious backgrounds. Check out our FAQ for more details on what we do, why we do it, and who we are.

The Psychic Punx Mediums

Mimi Bonhomme
Psychic Punx Medium and Founder
Ottawa, Canada

I was pretty much born with an extra layer of high sensitivity, something I had difficulty accepting and understanding throughout most of my life.

As a child and teenager, I heard, saw, felt and knew things others didn't and experienced my share of paranormal activity in our family's house growing up, including waking up in the middle of the night to find a stranger in a rocking chair next to my bed, watching me sleep. Everything I experienced as a child felt normal to me, I wasn't scared at all. In my 20's, I experienced hauntings as well as poltergeist activity and for a long time, all that stuff made me fear mediumship and all things metaphysical, even though I was always so fascinated by it all. I even refused to meditate, for fear of "opening that door." Needless to say, these experiences shaped my understanding that there was more to life and the afterlife than what we know. After my father's death, I decided to confront this fear and fully re-embrace my intuitive abilities, and started learning about mediumship and energy and how our beliefs shape our experiences. It took a lot of inner work, patience, and commitment, and it was like having to learn a language I was once familiar with all over again. I studied mediumship with Lilian Suarez and Janet Nohavec, and now I also teach mediumship and how to develop one's natural extra-sensory abilities. Nowadays, my goal is to help others embrace and understand their intuitive senses without fearing them.

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Besides talking to dead people I:
am a DJ/music/movie nerd, throw French pop dance parties, and do collage art

William Adley
Psychic Punx Medium
Newton, New Hampshire

When I was a kid I really felt energy around me whether it was someone's mood, who was on the phone before it rang, what was about to be rolled on a dice during a game of Dungeons and Dragons, that kind of thing.

I occasionally would get very specific information just pop into my head, but it wasn't until much later that I got into exploring the 'how' on all of it. I'm still working on all the 'hows' but with a much more open mind to all of it. It's pretty cool when you find something you enjoy doing and are good at it. Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain are two guides of mine that stepped forward recently. As a fan of both souls, I'm pretty amazed to be working with them, though they seem pretty casual about it. Layne was the first guide I heard perfectly well in my head. He is currently working with me on developing my clairaudience and trance channeling skills further, and helps me get off my butt and get it done. Kurt is a little more subtle and shy. We are still getting to know each other energetically, so it's taking awhile to recognize when he is there. He seems to come through stronger when I'm playing music, and is helping me develop my singing and song writing skills, something that has really become easy lately. Mainly due to the ease of channeling two awesome souls full of music.

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Besides talking to dead people I:
Tend to have a guitar or paintbrush in my hand. I enjoy making music, writing, and painting. All those things are a cool way to channel and be creative at the same time.

Guests and collaborators

Lana Holmes, Psy.D.

I am a psychic-medium and hold a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology. I have always had a close connection to all that's holy, sacred, and divine, which runs through my ancestry.

Specifically, within my family multiple relatives and I have had encounters with God, Jesus (among other Ascended Masters), angels, spirits, and other beings.  Unfortunately, during my formative years there were few references regarding psychic, intuitive, and mediumship development. However, in 2011 I started my spiritual journey in earnest and was led to multiple peers and mentors who helped me realize that connecting to Spirit is an inherent ability that we all have and can apply with practice. I am proud, grateful, and honored to be able to utilize mediumship as a means of bringing about positive transformation for the spirits, other beings, and individuals that I serve.

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Besides talking to dead people I:
Listen to music, read and write poetry, engage in photography, am involved in social justice activism, and travel.

Michael Christopher
Minot, North Dakota

I’m a 20-year Air Force veteran and if you told me just a year ago I’d be doing this, I’d have called you crazy! I am an evidential medium and intuitive.

I began to realize that I had some extra sensory abilities after two significant events in my life: a kidney transplant in 2010 and the death of my sister Jackie in 2015, after which I began to notice signs from her. The one that really grabbed my attention the most was when she came to me one morning while I was making breakfast. As I stood there in the kitchen, an image of her popped in my mind and then, I felt her hug me and wrap her arms around me. I instantly froze! I stood there in complete shock! This lasted for about 15 seconds and then she left. A mediumship reading a few days later confirmed what I had experienced and then came the absolute shock of my life: the medium told me that I had “the gift!” After I began to contemplate what that meant, a whole lot of stuff started making sense. All my life, I would often know who was calling on the phone when it rang. I would annoy people because I knew what they were going to say before they said it. And that voice inside my head always pointed me in the right direction, when I listened. Then a medium friend of mine suggested I look into a development class with an Intuitive name Mimi! Need I say more? Although I have intuitive abilities, I focus more on mediumship.

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Besides talking to dead people I:
Like to play drums and I’m learning to play bass guitar; it keeps me grounded and relaxed. And when ND isn’t frozen over, I’m often out on the motorcycle with my wife Sheila.

Kaz Windness
Denver, Colorado

I’m a psychic medium as well as a published writer, illustrator, and college instructor. I could see energy as a child, but my mediumship didn’t kick in until a friend showed up at the end of my bed moments after taking his own life.

He blew the doors off my clairvoyance, and I’ve been seeing spirit (and a lot of other crazy stuff) ever since.

I’m trained in the Spiritualist method of evidential mediumship. I believe everyone is psychic and I’m passionate about unraveling the stigmas around extrasensory gifts.

I love the weirdos, the outcasts, and the oddballs; I am one after all!

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Besides talking to dead people I:
Write and illustrate children's books, talk to fairies, binge watch cooking shows (Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen are faves), and COFFEEEEEEEEEE!

Alison Allan
Townsville, Australia

I'm a medium, author and artist. I talk to spirits, see them, hear them, feel them - it's an all-round spook fest in my life on a regular basis. It takes a lot of inner work to come to terms with the fact that you're talking to the crossed over and not completely raving bonkers!

My first encounters with the paranormal were in childhood growing up in a haunted house which made my young life a living nightmare because no one believed me. Paranormal activity reappeared in my life after my children were born, when we moved into a new house that started giving us problems. I turned to science and physics books to try and understand what was happening and why I was here. That didn't work, so I turned to philosophy instead and that didn't help either. I heard a spirit talk to me and thought I was going through a psychotic episode. My children and I experienced incredible phenomena such as liquid being materialised out of thin air, voices talking to us, being touched, figures running through the room. My psychic gifts eventually woke up, and I gradually accepted it. Sooner or later, I was getting messages from loved ones that I shared with people I knew. It has become so prevalent in my life that I now do this work for a living. It is impossible to give solid evidence that proves the paranormal, but I had to get over that as there was no denying the things I experienced.

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Besides talking to dead people I:
Enjoy spending time with my husband and children and wherever possible I like to travel around Australia.