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This is not a hotline for spirit interview requests or for private readings! Please check out our FAQ for more info on why we don’t take spirit requests. We welcome questions that relate to experiences you’ve had that you can’t explain, how energy works, how to embrace your sensitivity and intuition, and any other topic you need help with. Please understand that we get a lot of questions, and there’s only 2 of us answering them. We read all of them, but cannot get to them immediately – allow a few weeks or even months. Check back on this page (scroll down for the answers) to see if we answered your question, or follow us on Facebook or check out our YouTube channel. To save yourself some time, here are the type of questions we will usually pass on: requests for spirit interviews, requests for a private reading, request for promotions of your services, asking us to validate if another psychic or medium gave you correct information, or anything that is not aligned with our true mission, which is to help extra-sensory people make sense of, embrace and manage their abilities and experiences. If something happened that you can’t explain, send that shit over to us! 

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