Ask PP: Can You Recognize a Dead Celebrity’s Spirit in Someone Who is Alive?

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The Question:

What is the likelihood that you would do an afterlife interview and recognize that spirit’s energy in someone who is currently incarnated that you meet? I would imagine that if a soul didn’t want you to find out, that may mask things, but I’m quite curious.



Mimi’s Answer:

Hi Coralie,

Thanks for your question! It’s an interesting one to say the least!

The first thing to consider is that with consciousness, all things are possible. So everything and anything is “likely” because it has nothing to do with chance or coincidences – it has all to do with energy. That being said, one’s consciousness can have various aspects to it that you can indeed recognize in someone else, however you have to consider how much your perception plays into your understanding of this. Meaning, it’s important to not assume that because you are recognizing someone who has passed in someone else – assuming you are referring to someone who was well-known – that you are dealing with someone who is the reincarnation of X celebrity. This may change your perception of that person, and in all truth, it really doesn’t matter. All things are possible, but it’s also important to allow life to unfold and not assume our perception is precisely as we see it. We may ourselves have aspects of various different souls and/or consciousness, and countless other mind blowing, mysterious, insane stuff that we can’t even begin to understand. Trust your intuition, always, but I wouldn’t put too much focus on that if I were in your shoes.


William’s Answer: 

Very likely.  Often actually.  Though I’m pre-conditioned to ask those questions almost every time I get a new spirit coming around.  They very rarely volunteer that information as it’s really no big deal to them for the most part.  Though I’ve done readings where I just ‘know’ they had a public, or well-known past life, very rarely does a reader ask “Who was I in a past life?”  On those occasions they ask I have run into a few interesting characters, such as famous actors/actresses, Mermaids, fairies, aliens, and the energy of an actual alien planet.  Yup, planets can reincarnate as people.