Ask PP: Do Mediums Experience Spirit Intrusions or Have a Dead Entourage?

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The Question:

Hi, went to England years ago and visited the Tower of London. I could see the energetic imprint of what it looked like during the Tudor reign, and I could feel, hear, and sometimes see entities. I helped a few cross over after being prompted to do certain things, such as pray for them. Additionally, I saw a large yellow mist from nowhere that started pulsating. What was that?

Also, I’ve heard of mediums having a “dead entourage” that annoys horses/animals, and that the dead will show up at their home. Do these intrusions go with the territory of being a medium? My home is truly my refuge, and I would not like that. I especially don’t want to upset my dog. Love the soundtrack to “Ask PP” and the Halloween channeling was awesome! Thank you for doing the site! Rock on!



Mimi’s answer:

Hey Sherri, thanks for your question and kind words!

The first thing I tell people who ask what goes with the territory of being a medium, is that everything is about perspective, beliefs, and how you view spirits. If you are interested in mediumship, notice first what kind of thoughts you have about spirits: do you fear spirits or do you have a positive attitude about them? I talk to spirits in a friendly manner as much as I can, regardless of who it is. I don’t judge them for what they did or for choosing to stick around the earth for a while either. If that kind of lower energy is around my vicinity and focused on me, the first thing I want to ask myself is “what kind of weird shit am I projecting that drew this spirit to me in the first place?” It always about us. We have the power, all the time, and how we choose to perceive something has a huge effect on what we will experience. Trusting your own truth and guidance about things is also important. What kind of feelings do you get when you hear others say things like “mediums have a dead entourage that annoys animals”? Does that feel positive? Animals feel energy and see spirits all the time – they don’t need mediums for that. Someone else’s negative perception of mediums does not have to be yours. To do this sort of work means to own up completely to what we do and not give a rat’s ass what people will think or how they will perceive us. If there’s any resistance or fear, my first suggestion is to work on letting that go.

You can experience having spirits in your home whether you’re a medium or not. Making a conscious decision to embrace mediumship will certainly enhance any supernatural experience, but it’s the intention you put behind it and the energy you bring to it that will make all the difference. I’ve experienced the entire gamut of spirit activity since my childhood: poltergeists, spirit attachments, seeing my dad appear before me for a few seconds, seeing 3D humans come up to me to deliver important messages, then moments later disappear in thin air, seeing a man with no face coming out of the Chicago subway, dressed like a film noir bad ass, walk through the crowd and disappear (seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life), feeling Sid Vicious appear next to me then hear his voice say loud and clear “what a pile of shite!” at a PiL concert, and more recently, feeling hands touching me in my own bed at night, trying to get a piece of me.

All of these experiences were an undeniable, important part of my growth as a medium and I appreciate all of them equally. I don’t look back on any of these experiences with any negative feelings – I’m in awe of all of them! Negative experiences with spirits – as with humans – will happen as a reminder of where we’re at emotionally. Feeling gross pervy hands touch me in my bed happened while I was going through a lot of pain and challenges, and when I was also confused about what I wanted to do. I was open to spirits, but not sure at that point what kind of relationship I wanted to have with them, and absolutely not paying attention to my boundaries. I was in denial of my broken heart, pain and grief, pretending I was ok, while inviting child murderers to hang out with me for Psychic Punx. I don’t think I’ll be getting a Nobel prize for that one any time soon. I’m sure the more sensitive viewers probably felt my vulnerability and sadness while watching some of our earlier videos, too. I can’t even watch some of our early stuff now, I’m like “who is this sad, weak person!” A lot of weird shit happened, but I never once blamed spirits for it. I knew it was all on me. And I’m so happy they happened! They’re also kind of cool stories to tell. I can’t stress this enough: to be a medium is to have positive thoughts about spirits, and to accept our responsibility and power when it comes to the type of company we choose – both of the spirit and human kind.

As for the yellow mist, it’s difficult for anyone else to put a definite answer on what type of energy someone sees during a personal metaphysical moment, as you were the only person experiencing seeing this energy. Our perceptions and beliefs will also affect how we see energy. The answer is in the feelings you felt when it happened. Did it feel good? Did you get an impression of what that was but are just doubting yourself? What does your heart have to say about it? Trust it!

Will’s Answer:

Spirit can, and does, seek out mediums that can help them pass on messages from across the veil.  Sure!  However to define it as an intrusion means you are not in control of your own personal space.  No spirit has power or permission to invade your energetic space, unless you grant that in some shape or form.  You have to understand ‘You’ are just as powerful as a spirit, more so really, as you are a complete master of your own experience. If you fear about being intruded, you will be intruded, you will pour energy into those thoughts and they will manifest.  It’s perspective.  Have you ever woken up in a bad mood and it persists all day? It’s because you are sending out to the universe “today is going to suck.” And guess what? It did, huh?  Same concept.  We are all creating, every thought is energy.  So, the simplest answer here is:  Do you want to be invaded at all hours of the night and have your dog affected? No? Great.  Don’t allow it.  Be a psychic ninja.  Set the intention that it ‘cannot’ happen, as you are in control.  You are the biggest badass in your own universe, it cannot happen if you don’t allow it to happen.

As for the yellow mist, your guess is the best one to go with.  My gut says ‘master’ energy.  Take that for whatever it means to you.