Ask PP: Does Smoking & Drinking Affect Psychic Abilities? / A 60’s Past Life / A Sceptic’s Experiences

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 We’re unpredictable and disorganized, so to catch up with all the great questions everyone sent in, we decided to answer a few of them live via our YouTube channel (see video below). Keep ’em coming!


Here are the three questions we answer in this segment! 

Question 1: “Does smoking and drinking decrease your psychic abilities?” – Hailey (Sorry Hailey, we misspell your name in the video!)

Question 2: “Hey. Ever since I was in elementary school, maybe second or third grade, I’ve felt a deep aesthetic connection to the sixties. I’ve always felt emotions, particularly nostalgia, very deeply. I get an unexplainable feeling when I am listening to an old song for the first time as well. Sometimes I like to joke about being a groupie in my past life, but I’ve come to wonder: is it really possible that I was a teenager in the sixties in my past life?” – Anonymous

Question 3: “Up until recently, I have always considered myself a skeptic of spiritual existence. However, about a month ago I “stumbled” upon the life and tragic death of a musician who passed a number of years ago, and almost immediately I felt a strong emotional tie to him for unexplainable reasons. Mind you, I knew absolutely nothing about this person during his active years, and this discovery seems both accidental as well as intuitive – and I’m not quite sure which to go on. I can feel his energy around me all the time, and I’m unsure if it’s actually him or my own wishful thinking, but there have been many signs I’ve seen, heard, and felt that run pretty deep within me. This whole situation seems so random yet gut-wrenching, and I’m unable to stop thinking about it to a point where I think he really is, at times, in my presence. I’ve never even remotely had so close of a personal, intuitive feeling for any famous person who has died, and I can’t seem to make much sense out of it other than I know I’m not ready to let it go and deem myself crazy just yet. At least, I hope I’m not. I’d appreciate any of your thoughts.” – Kerri