Ask PP: How Can I Get Over Negative Beliefs About Seeing Spirits?

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The Question:

Hi Psychic Punx! I love how listening to your interviews is helping me build confidence in my abilities. I’m learning that I have all of my “clair” senses open, so I want to make sure I keep strengthening them. My question is about clairvoyance specifically. So many times people have told me how scary and negative it is to see spirits, especially with your physical sight. They tell me how lousy it is to be psychic and see things, which makes me worry and doubt myself. It seems like people (including me) have a lot of blocks around clairvoyance. How can I get over this negative programming?


William’s answer: 

“They tell me this, they tell me that, they tell me…”


Heather, You did this to yourself.  You are the negative programming.  That’s OK though you can also be your own solution.

Are you going to listen and believe what others tell you to believe though?  If you want to be awake, you need to open your own eyes to what you feel, what you see, and what you believe.  This world is not to be lived through other peoples eyes.  You would not be here if that were the case. You could stay home on a puffy cloud watching TV if you wanted to.  So stop giving energy and beliefs to what others say or have already judged.  Did you avoid pizza because Joe down the street hates pizza? NO! You ate that damn pizza, and hey guess what?  It’s the same thing with being awake, and by awake I mean tapping into your god given right to be an enlightened being, to experience the world through your own reality.  You can’t DO that if you are taking words and created walls from other people’s perspectives. Can blocks happen like this? YES. The power of your own mind, the ability to be a god/goddess here on Earth is absolutely tied to what you believe.  It’s manifesting 101.  If you think you can or can’t do something, you’re 100% correct.

So, did that block of ice water text wake you up? GOOD! Because I love this question and can give you some tips to overcome this.

First, who are these fucking people that say it’s lousy to be psychic, see spirit (physical or otherwise), and overall just plain negative about this? They will only bring that energy down in the long run, which as an open and practicing medium or channeler is a real problem as it unusually takes an open minded person/s to allow this type of communication.  If you go in with doubt of any kind, you’re telling yourself before you even begin, this wont work.  Your spirit is powerful enough to block you from doing it.  You have to KNOW it will work.  You have to BELIEVE in yourself.  Anyone can do this, anyone.  So there should be no doubts that you can’t, any blocks you have are 100% your creation, so uncreate them.

OK! Second.  Unblocking is easy as starting off with just a quick “thank you” for an amazing session.  Whatever you’re trying to do, tell yourself “good job on that, we rocked it”. Yup.  It’s that easy.  If you set up the condition of thankfulness for achieving the results. Guess what- you will achieve the results.

If you treat this like a game, where it’s fun, rewarding, safe, and enlightening, it will be.  Get out of your own way, and stop listening to others, they shouldn’t be allowed to limit your own divine potential with words and assumptions.

Mimi’s answer: 

Hi Heather! Thank you for letting us know we are having a positive effect on how you see and embrace your abilities – it’s always amazing for us to hear that, because it’s why we do what we do.

You have touched upon the number one reason why most people with clairvoyant or any other type of intuitive senses refuse to dig deeper into the amazing, magical world of the metaphysical: shit other people say.

First of all, your clairvoyant experiences are valid and personal to you. Don’t allow anyone to diminish their value out of fear or ignorance of what it means to be naturally clairvoyant and to see energy or spirits. If someone tells you otherwise or that seeing spirits is scary, that is their own issues and fears of the unknown. You don’t have to take other people’s fears on as your own, ever.

The main culprits behind the fear of ghosts are centuries of religious programming and pop culture’s relentless quest to make anything related to spirits scary. I understand that people like to be scared and spooked and I actually think there’s a lot of value in that, but once we peel off the “scary” aspects and realize it’s just energy criss-crossing our reality and us picking up on it, it becomes a lot easier.

Embracing and owning your intuition and clairvoyance is a brave thing to do! It means you are refusing to abide by society or spiritual standards that everyone else decided on your behalf. It’s a non-conformism that has annoyed the shit out of people for centuries, mainly because most of the people who have consistently been at the forefront of this movement are women. #dontgetmestarted

You are clairvoyant, and only you should be your own authority about what that means to you. This is the new normal, Heather!

That being said, it’s more than ok to be freaked out or scared by some of the things you experience. It happens to ALL of us! It’s an ongoing process for any intuitive, because at one point or another, we all evolve and dig out a new ability we didn’t know we had, and there is an adjustment process that naturally comes with that, especially if you keep on resisting it while it repeatedly shoves itself in your face until you surrender to it.

I thought I was cool with all of my intuitive senses up until very recently, when a close friend of mine passed – I felt and knew he would die before it happened and felt his deep void before he told me he had suicidal tendencies. That brought me back to when I was a teenager and had premonitory feelings of a classmate dying, and blaming myself for it when it happened – and that’s exactly what happened again with my friend. I had completely shut off that part of myself and forgotten about it, and it all came flooding back. This experience opened up a bunch of abilities I had buried deep within me since childhood, like feeling other people’s emotions, telepathy, or having premonitions of things to come, and my reaction to most of it was “FUCK THIS SHIT!” I had premonitions of accidents in my family or things happening to me, and they all happened. Obviously, the angry victim act couldn’t go on forever, so I had to do something about it and make a decision.

So I recently decided I was going to love the shit out of these awesome abilities. I couldn’t be a medium or intuition development teacher and sit there and go “fuck this premonition, telepathic, death bullshit.” Which is precisely what I was doing without even realizing it! It shook me. We ALL go through life events that challenge us to our core, and we are the ones who get to decide whether or not we are going to turn it into something positive or scary.

I also tend to look at fear in the face and do things that scare me. If I had a fear of heights, I’d probably go bungee jumping. I understand not everyone is like that, but I strongly encourage you to do something about your fears that will empower you or challenge you to take this on. I used to hear spirits as a child, and I knew that this would be the first thing to make a comeback once I opened that door again. And that’s precisely what happened: five years ago I started hearing spirits knock on the wall and on the pipes at night, and hearing things like Cathedral bells at 1 am. I was scared, and decided I would just wear earplugs. Spirits were like “whatever!” and just started making noise in the daytime instead, which I thought was clever. So I put on my big girl pants and said, “I hear you, thank you. You can stop now.” It stopped. Then my clairaudience blossomed. I heard tones, voices, received thoughts, everything, and it became my new normal again.

You have control over your own perception of spirits. It’s only scary if you think it’s scary. Once you realize the power is yours, things magically become a lot less heavier to deal with.

Imagine what it would feel like to see a loved one or anyone in spirit you would like to see, and imagine yourself not being scared when that happens, but in awe or happy, or whatever positive feeling that evokes in you. Because you know deep within you that this is not scary, it’s all love. Allow yourself to enjoy the process, have fun with it. When you see something in the corner of your eye, acknowledge it! Things will slowly unfold for you, until you realize you are comfortable with it. But you can’t get to that point if you don’t allow yourself to experience it first.

Being intuitive and clairvoyant is your birthright. If I had listened to what everyone had to say about how miserable and evil and fucked up it is to “see dead people,” I would have denied myself the pleasure of not only doing Psychic Punx and helping others in the process, but of having amazing experiences with my friend who is now in spirit, and with all the other spirits I connect with. It’s the most awesome thing in the world.

Fuck shit people say, Heather! xo