Ask PP: How Can I Keep Out Other People’s Energy?

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The Question: 

Will you please teach me how to keep out other’s energy……I find I am too much of an empath. Also how do I clear my self of any energies that are not mine or that are not for my highest interest?

Thanks so very much!

Helyne Mederos


Mimi’s Answer:

Hi Helyne, thanks for your question!

The first thing that is important to let go of is the notion of being “too much” of something. Try to accept this part of yourself, and to see it as a good thing. Being extra sensitive and able to tune in to other people’s feelings is a gift and one that you can use to your advantage, namely to gain self trust in your intuition about people, and eventually, to help others. It’s important to create a sense of self-awareness when we are this sensitive, as this allows us to separate our own feelings from someone else’s. Accepting your extra sensitivity and seeing it as something positive can also help you to no longer see it as something that separates you from others or as energy you need to protect, which perpetuates painful feelings of not belonging, or fearful energy. With a more self-accepting mindset, you can focus on raising your own energy, through self-love, and keeping your energy high enough so that anything that is lower or more negative in vibration will stop affecting you. Too often, the concept of shielding is based in protection, when in my opinion it should be based in self-awareness and love. Being extra sensitive means having an open heart, and having an open heart is what allows your energetic field – your aura – to expand and tune in to other energetic fields. What that means is that being this way is natural for you, and that you are most likely happiest when you do things that create positive emotions in you, or when you allow your intuition and feelings to guide you. You can decide today to keep your own energy high by doing more of those things that make you happy, and to no longer pick up anything that is not equal in frequency to your own naturally high energy. I highly recommend Sarah Petruno’s The Essential Empath for more tips on how to keep your energy high, shielding, how the aura works, etc.


William’s Answer: 

If you already ‘know’ you are being affected by an outside force, or energy, whether it’s a person, place, or thing,   That’s really step 1.  Understanding.   You can’t change what you don’t understand.  So..what is really happening here, and how does an empath correct this?  Well, this may require rewinding the question back a few layers to get some simple concepts out, and into the light.

You may already know about the human aura, but here is some stripped down basics. Your aura is an electromagnetic field, and can brush up, merge, or absorb other aura fields that it comes into direct (sometimes even indirect) contact with.  It doesn’t have to even be a person, it can be a place or object that is holding that unharmonious charge.  More often than not though, it will be another persons aura getting all up in your business.

As I mentioned earlier, you already are at step 1.  Understanding, or Observation.  You feel like you are taking in energy and feelings that aren’t yours.  You notice this.  Now let’s work on how to fix it.  The good news is that the auras are self regenerating.  They will repair themselves over time.  However you can speed this up with focus and intent.

There are plenty of ways to repair your own aura.  Meditation is my favourite.  And before I meditate I  normally set an intention.  All you have to do is set the intention to remove whatever energy is not yours.  Even say that to yourself out loud.  “I am removing all energy I’ve picked up that’s not mine, or not for my highest good.”

Simple right?  This shit is that simple.  Honestly.  That WILL work.  But…I’ll keep writing anyway.

Once you feel that the energy has been removed, then simply set a new intention to repair whatever damage is done by that energy.  Visualize your favourite color of light just shining down on your aura and filling the hole and that’s all there is to it.  You’ll know when it feels right.
You may need to do this regularly if you are picking up too much unwanted energy, but the real question then becomes why are you ‘allowing’ this to happen.  Nothing in this world happens without your permission on some level.  Stop giving away your power if this is the case.  Be a psychic ninja, and not allow this dissonant energy into your field if you don’t want it.  A quick tip to prevent that is to put a bubble around yourself.  Me, I prefer to wear mirror armor in my minds eye.  that way it simply bounces back off of me and I’m protected.