Ask PP: I can’t tell between my ego and my spirit’s voice


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The Question:

Every time I lay down to relax, I start to itch or it feels like something is pinching my feet. Its very annoying. I heard Will say once that he itched and Mimi said the spirit was touching him. Could this be what is happening to me? I talk to the spirits all the time. I’m still working on trusting the replies I get. I convince myself its my imagination. I still can’t tell the difference between my egos voice and my spirits voice; although I do notice Spirit is more of a whisper.



William’s Answer:

It very well could be.  When spirit is in your space they can, and do, give you signs.  One of the most recognizable for me is energy hits.  It’s like getting chills only there’s no fear. It normally comes with a feeling of being “correct.”  It’s what I call my Spidey-Sense.  (I probably owe Stan Lee a few dollars.)  This is one of the most obvious spirit connections for me.  If you ask a question, get an answer, and get the chills all at the same time (and it’s not a blizzard out), chances are very likely that was spirit contact.

Telling yourself it was your imagination is one of the ways your own ego messes everything up.  I’ve had 100% spot on readings that my damn ego tried to convince me was a fluke, almost every single time.  The longer I went on thinking about those readings, the more my ego wormed it’s way into my head.  I had to really focus on saying “cut the crap ego.”  And once you do that, you’re fine.  Don’t sweat the fact you hear your own voice; very rarely do I hear other voices than my own, but it does happen from time to time.  The more you let go of your ego, though, the more you can be removed from the fear of failing, and start to “hear” the differences.  I would recommend telling your ego to butt out 100% during a reading, it really serves no purpose that I can think of at that time, other than to cast doubt.

Listen with the heart instead, not the ego.

Mimi’s Answer: 

Thanks for your question!

Intuition is measured via our feelings, as opposed to the ego, which is based in logic. The ego/mind chatter is the voice we basically hear every day, 24/7! It’s the voice you hear when you tell yourself it’s probably your imagination. Make it your intention that you will form a new BFF relationship with your heart, and that you are going to be more attentive to your heart’s voice and needs. Focus on your feelings, and notice whenever your ego’s voice steps in. Be kind to yourself during this process, try to not do any negative talk. Developing intuition basically means unlearning everything, so be gentle and patient with yourself.

The next time doubt creeps in, check in with your feelings. If your feeling tells you something is an intuitive or spirit-related experience, then it is. It’s that easy. Go back to the first feeling you received when you felt an itch or when you heard something – basically, the feeling you felt before your ego stepped in. If it’s hard for you to go back to a feeling, set some time aside to get to know your sensitive side. Seriously: make your heart your new BFF! Intuition development is really about familiarizing ourselves with our heart and feelings, and for some, that may mean having to do some inner work, like forgiveness or releasing the past. Start observing your feelings and reactions in your day-to-day life, and focus on being happy or doing things that bring you immense joy. Meditation also helps us connect with our heart and release the mind’s constant chatter.

Most of us have been brought up to listen to our logic or “voice of reason,” and so it’s quite natural to go through uncertainty when reacquainting ourselves with our feelings and heart, especially when dealing with high frequency energy. Once we let go of the mind’s need to resist, control and overpower our feelings, once we allow ourselves to rely on trust and faith, it becomes second nature, and it’s in this allowing state that we start experiencing more metaphysical occurrences.

Trust me when I say this, m’kay, cause I am the biggest control freak ever: I understand how difficult this can be. In fact, it wasn’t until I started developing my own intuitive senses that I realized just how much of a control freak I was!

If you have trust and impatience issues in general like I do, it can be a difficult thing to get through, but with dedication and devotion, you can certainly achieve anything. Here’s a tip if trusting your feelings is too hard: go with the next best feeling after doubt, which is to start considering your experiences as real and acknowledging them as they happen. In doing so, you open the door for more experiences, rather than shutting the door completely and once again allowing your mind to have complete precedence over your experience.

Lastly, I suggest you view all your experiences as positive, rather than seeing them as “annoying,” like the itches you get. Try to see every and all experiences as fun, as something that gets you closer to where you want to be, rather than further away. Basically, focus on appreciation rather than lack. The higher your energy, the easier it gets to experience high frequency energy. Good luck to you!