Ask PP: I Feel My Favorite Artist Around Me – How Can I Hear Him Better?

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The Question:

A few months ago, one of my favorite singers had passed. I was devastated by his death because I hadn’t listened to him in quite a few years, but the month before he passed, I began to listen to him a lot and watch performances. His death came as a shock, but he had issues stemming from drug abuse so it wasn’t too alarming.

I spoke with a medium a few months back, and she told me this spirit hangs around me a lot, and that he makes me think a lot about him, and I also had numerous past lives with him.

I’m developing my psychic medium skills, and I pray to my spirit guides, angels, to help me better communicate with this spirit, but I don’t think he has come through, at least not in an obvious clairvoyant fashion. The thing is, I feel I connect to this spirit emotionally, mentally, musically, even sexually, and he’s a very positive, strong presence. I love him as an artist and person. Is there some form of attachment he has on me, and how can I better communicate with this spirit to see or hear something clear? His presence doesn’t bother me. I welcome it.



Mimi’s answer:

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for your question!

My first suggestion would be to start embracing, as you seem to be able to do already, all your experiences with this spirit and to see them as valid forms of mediumship communication. From your perspective, it feels like you are not fully accepting your connection with him because you are heavily focused on seeing this spirit clairvoyantly and creating a resistance because of it, which is doing the opposite of what you want. Alternatively, you’re not offering any form of resistance with your other senses, and so you are more successful at receiving this spirit’s energy, like you say, “emotionally, mentally, musically, even sexually.” These are all valid ways for spirits to communicate with us!

I also want to offer a different perspective to what the medium provided as an explanation to this spirit’s presence, and suggest that he is around your energy field because you are thinking about him a lot. You were already surrounding yourself with this artist’s music and energy a month before he passed, so it is quite natural for him to be drawn to your energy too, as your thoughts easily reached him. This has been intensified now that someone told you he was around you, since it made you think about him all the more often. That’s not to say you don’t have a special bond or connection, follow your heart and feelings! Clearly, this spirit enjoys responding to your energy and helping you with your mediumship! My suggestion for raising your energy for clearer communication would be to focus on enjoying the many ways you communicate with this spirit, rather than focusing on how you’re not getting what you want. Patiently allow your clairvoyant abilities to grow by accepting all visual signs you receive, no matter how subtle they are. I would also use more positive words and intentions when describing your communication with him. Feeling that a spirit can “make” us think of them or that they are “attached” to us implies they have some form of control over our energy. We create our experiences every day through our intentions, and everything we experience is an energetic response to our thoughts, intentions and beliefs. Spirit communication is no different. Trust your feelings and intuition on the matter, and come to your own conclusions via your own conversations with him about what connects you on a deeper level, if you feel that there is more going on here than just him responding to your energy. Have fun!

Will’s Answer:

One of the more curious things I have encountered thus far with this mediumship gig, is the development of relationships and connections with people I never met while alive.  I met a spirit guide of one of my clients that I had an instant crush on, and I literally stole her to come work on my team.  So forming a bond with him now? Heck ya.  Attachments form, good or bad, when you give off a certain vibe or energy.  Like attracts like in this case, and if you feel a special connection then go explore it.  The world is such a small place when you think about it in terms of immortality, so if you ‘feel’ he has a special connection with you, chances are, he does.

Now, how do you strengthen that connection?  Same concept as working out to improve your physical body.  The heart and mind need tweaking or a good work out.  The mind needs to be told to stop over analyzing the realm of spirit, it ain’t it’s fucking job, go do math brain.  It’s the heart connection that will allow you to develop this stronger connection.  OK those are just fucking words right? (I think I got a guy here helping me, lol, I don’t often cuss so damn much…Hi Lemmy! OK it’s Lemmy. Right Lemmy is here, OK. Cool.)  So what you need to do darling is use the emotional connection.  It isn’t as easy as giving you step 1, 2, 3.  The heart works different for everyone.  However, there are a few things you can start trying out to see if they work for you.  I would recommend just allowing yourself to feel emotions, whatever comes from the heart and use that emotion to open the door to spirit.  Allow them inside your energetic space and the connection will grow.  Don’t set pressure or expectations, it’ll come when it’s time.