Ask PP: I felt a connection to an instrument in a museum. Is it a past life?

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The Question:

I toured the Nashville Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. I am not a musician but the intense energy I felt looking at the instruments, equipment and photos had my heart pounding and was overly excited as if I had used this equipment before and that I knew the people involved. Is there a past life message here?

Thanks for your help.

C. Gordon


Mimi’s Answer:

Hi C. Gordon! I LOVE your question!

Sounds like it was a fun and intense experience! I always get the feelies in museums or historical hot spots. Like that one time I visited Alcatraz and felt a hand touch me behind my shoulder while I was alone in the black hole for what seemed like 100 years. I wasn’t all that cool with my abilities at the time, so I was half freaked out, half excited about it.

I’m always a bit iffy when it comes to automatically going to past lives for explanations about intense feelings or emotions we have. Myself and Will, for example, feel intense connections with all the spirits we connect to, and some feel more familiar than others, but that does not necessarily mean we’ve shared past lives with all of them (or any of them, for that matter, but who knows). My feeling is that when we experience an intense connection with someone (alive or passed) or even a place, animal or object, we might just be tuning into something that resonates with us because we are a match to that energy, or we can also simply just be open to it. I feel we have this tendency to overly dramatize or romanticize things at times by seeking the past life explanation, especially when we use it as an excuse to victimize ourselves when faced with challenges, like “something horrible must have happened to me in a past life that explains X shitty crap.” We give so much of our power away when we think in those terms, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not poo-pooing on past lives, I even used to do past life readings myself – I think everything and anything is possible – but my personal understanding of things of this nature is that most of the time, we are just tuning into energy and thought. Everything has a vibrational frequency, and you were open enough in that moment to tune in to the energy linked to the people and objects you were observing, and you felt it intensely. What you describe is also precisely how I and countless other mediums connect to spirits: by merging with their energy, feeling their emotions and getting knowing feelings about who they were and what they did, so much so that these feelings can feel like our own. This happens a lot more than we care to think. It is usually very subtle, and since most people have a very set idea of what mediumship is or should be, they frequently dismiss it as something else. So it’s more than possible, as far as I’m concerned, that you connected to a spirit’s energy and felt that strong connection to an instrument! Perhaps there is more here than meets the eye, for sure, because the universe is one great mystery that we’ll never fully understand, but like I always tell my students, it doesn’t matter what I think: go with your gut and feelings, and trust that! Enjoy the ride!

Will’s Answer:

The very fact you had that emotional response indicates there’s  ‘something’ here.  It could be something as simple as “wow this place has history.”  But you really need to peel back what it was you felt before we can really get to the center of this Tootsie Roll Pop.

(I’m open for endorsement deals “Tootsie Roll Industries”!)

My knee jerk reaction  here is that what you felt was a build up of energy as a collective and creative whole.  There is TONS of latent energy in museums and places where pieces of art and history are kept.  They literally store creative power and energies in them.  You clearly had the perfect storm of being open in the right place, and at the right time.  That’s for sure.  If you want a definitive answer, that would be hard to do.  Everyone has their own energy system, and each person experiences it uniquely through their own vibration/chakra/whatever you want to call it…system.  So just go with the flow on this one.  I don’t feel an immediate connection to owning this equipment for you, but I can almost bet in a past life you loved playing music.  Give that a shot, you’re never too old to rock!