Ask PP: I got a confusing AF angel reading, could it be bullshit?

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The Question: 

[This question was edited and condensed for clarity]

“I live in Austin, TX. A while back I emailed a well known channel […] a sort of funny email about some channeling session slots that had opened up on her schedule. […] [She] has been doing this type of work for over 25 yrs. […] She emailed back and she said her Guardian Angels (these are the terms she uses) and my Guardian Angels had asked her to select me for the complimentary session for May. […]  She said I had 76 Guardian Angels present at the reading that are working with me at this time because this is the beginning of the most important phase of any of the thousands of incarnations I have had. I am to become a healer. I will have a robust/vibrant lifestyle for at least 35 yrs. more, I am now 61. […] My Angels instructed me to have two past life regression sessions utilizing hypnosis. They would find the regression therapist for me at no cost to me (I am just repeating what they said, I am unemployed right now and money is tight and I guess they know that). I was to go back to 3 or 4 incarnations where I had developed and improved upon a specific type of energy healing modality that was “my own”, not like Reiki or anything else. Once I reviewed these incarnations I would remember and, I guess sort of spontaneously, relearn how I had developed and practiced this specific modality. Once this happens (she said it would be this summer) I will start treating clients for free, my name will get out very quickly. I will start charging for my services (and do pro-bono healing) this fall and that my Angels would even tell me when to develop a website and start charging. They even said some of the healings will be viewed as miracles (these are not my words). […] Oh yea, I am supposed to write two nonfiction books and then a couple of fiction books that will be best sellers. I believe what [she] has told me but I have my doubts and discernment as well. I like how candid and honest you two guys are and that’s why I am asking: Is there anyway you think that someone channeling Guardian Angels can supply so much correct information, especially about future events, given free will and all that. I mean, was it that now is when the time is right for my Angels to unload all that information on me and provide that free channeling session in a synchronistic fashion in order to get all that info to me. Don’t get me wrong, when I have these upcoming regression sessions and if the knowledge and the energy hits me like it is supposed to, I will be all in. Also, my Angels said I am not supposed to “try to push the fast forward button” or “get on the ways and means committee and try to run things.” If you think I am doing that, and maybe I don’t realize it, then just leave everything alone and don’t answer. I don’t want to get in the way of anything by doing something I shouldn’t. It’s just, I don’t know what not to do. You know what I mean?” – Mark Price

Well Mark, you asked for our candid and honest opinion, and that’s what we gave ya!

These types of readings are based in a belief that we are never enough as human beings, as people, and that we constantly need to find the “divine” in us because this type of spirituality wants you to reject all the genuine aspects and qualities that make you human. This perpetuates the idea that there is something innately wrong with us, and that angels, spirit guides or God/Consciousness can dictate our lives and tell us what we need to accomplish to stop being the worthless pieces of human shit that we are. This, Mark, is cruel. It implies that who you are at this moment is not enough, that you are “to become” something greater and that this greatness will be evidenced by the miracles that you are contractually obligated to perform in this lifetime. No pressure! Not only that, but you forgot that shit from a past life? How fucking lame of you, Mark! Dude, go back to that past life when you were the shit! The angels are sick of your boring ass in this life, so could you just go back and do your magic show again? That’d be great, thanks. Then write 5 books for us. We’ll give you 35 more years, you fucking lazy bitch. Also, only charge money when we say you can, cause we want you to live a miserable and poor life. There’s a good human.

Fuck all that BS, Mark! Live your life as you want: you are loved, you are enough, and you deserve better than constant reminders from “angels” that you need to perform miracles and write best-sellers. No 200$/hour psychic has a miracle connection to Consciousness that you don’t. You *are* Consciousness, and you get in tune with it by following your gut, listening to your feelings, doing things that make you happy, and not giving a fuck what people/angels think.

Be happy on your own terms.