Ask PP: Is it true that spirits can’t talk to me if I have a low vibration?

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Neil, The Young Ones

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The Question:

“Hi, i have depression, sorry don’t mean to sound so blunt, anyhow, I was told that depression lowers your vibration and it’s hard for a spirit to get through. So how would a particular spirit that you want to talk to and knows what your going through get through to you? Do they have to wait till you snap out of it? If so,then what’s the point in you asking them if they can’t get a word across to you? I would appreciate any advise you give. Thank you.” – Jones

The Short Answer: Being labeled as having a “low vibration” by someone else is a projection based on worthiness. It is a reflection of one’s belief that there is something innately wrong with them or that they are not worthy of speaking to God, spirits, or even certain groups of people, which in turn manifests their belief into reality. It is a label that affects those who are in vulnerable states, based in a school of thought that promotes positivity as being the only emotion God or Consciousness will accept or recognize in order to have any form of interaction with you. This harmful belief encourages you to repress or ignore your feelings rather than work through them. Mediumship and all forms of intuition-based energy work is about feelings – one has to be tuned in to their own feelings in order to empathize with, recognize and interpret feelings received from a spirit. To ignore or repress your feelings – regardless of what feelings you have – is thus counter-intuitive. When we are feeling depressed, sad, angry or hurt, most of the time we are in our head, which is what prevents us from not feeling spirits through our intuitive senses, because we are not being actively mindful of how we feel. Try to observe, acknowledge and validate your feelings as much as you can without judging yourself for having them, and trust that your loved ones in spirit are always aware of you. Having an intention of stepping outside of your mind’s chatter to become more aware of your feelings, without any pressure on yourself to force a better feeling or to achieve a “vibration” that does not define your authentic emotional state in that moment, will help you become more mindful and grounded. Creating more feelings of shame or unworthiness through the belief that you have a “low vibration” is part of the problem – stop listening to the BS, Jones! You’re enough. xo

The Long Answer: