Ask PP: Should I stop eating meat to improve my psychic abilities?

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We’re unpredictable and disorganized, so to catch up with all the great questions everyone sent in, we decided to answer a few of them live via our YouTube channel (see video below). This one was recorded in June 2017, was believed to be lost when Mimi’s computer crashed a few days after we recorded it, and has just recently been retrieved – hence why we are kind of repeating ourselves. Still worth a watch and listen, thanks T for writing in!


The Question: 

“Hello Mimi and Will!  I would love to know your take on psychic development and diet.  I have heard so many different opinions on this, ranging from how one should eat only a plant-based diet to raise your vibration, to diet and drink not mattering a bit, to being fit and healthy definitely affecting one’s vibration.  I myself have known many an overweight, meat-eating intuitive that has amazing abilities, which makes me wonder, would their abilities be that much more developed if they were incredibly fit and shunned meat?  I have no ethical issues with eating meat and do eat it btw, am relatively fit, and have only the teensiest smidgeon of intution at this point, so I’m guessing that many other factors besides diet enter into the equation (i.e, genetics, practice, etc.).  I was just curious about your opinions on whether one’s diet affects intuitive abilities, and if so, in what ways?” – T from Boulder (big fan!)

Our Answer: 


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