Ask PP: Something traumatic happened while channeling and now I’m terrified

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The Question: 

“I am a teenager and have been a channeler since I was a child. Due to a traumatic experience I had to go through in this field, I am now terrified of channeling, meditation, and everything of the like. I can’t stay still or sit down with a “straight-face” without being completely terrified and over-thinking everything like everything’s “out to get me” when doing anything “spiritual” or “psychic.” I have been told countless times, “there’s nothing to be afraid of,” “entities can’t hurt you,” or “it’s all in your head,” but I am seriously, and I mean truly, tired of hearing this and I would like to hear other productive advice other than this. It is hard to explain to an outsider when the pain and fear is mental and not physical and I am often dismissed with, “it’ll get better,” or “just practice more and you’ll feel comfortable.” Not to sound rude … but come on? That’s the point. I can’t practice because I’m terrified. To make matters worse, I can’t tell the difference between the “voices” I hear. Please, can you tell me why I shouldn’t give up on this “gift”? I have tried to, but each time I do, I get dragged back into it and get involved in it again. I’m convinced I have to hone this ability or I’m going to be stuck in the in-between of trust and fear for the rest of my life. Please also tell me what I should do to improve if you have any constructive advice?

Please answer this for the others who are afraid, as I’m sure there are many, and thank you for this.

Good luck to you.
Much love.” – Someone

The short answer: Detach from your focus on this issue or from the cruel pressure that you put on yourself to do this again and of having to succeed at it. The issue at hand is the energy and focus you bring to your desire and intention, which in this case is extreme fear. Your fear is legitimate, but in order for you to achieve what you want without jumping into this again with the high and fearful expectations you have, you must allow yourself the possibility of having more positive experiences. If your fear also extends to meditation, as you say, try something else that is safer, like Reiki. Immerse yourself in energy work that appeals to you and that is comforting and safe, and that will provide you with another, more positive perspective on this type of work, and perhaps even a better understanding of what happened. Don’t do this again with the intention of needing to prove to yourself that you can do it – have positive experiences focusing on other things. It’s important that you distance yourself from this for a while, in order to have a more detached approach. Difficulty differentiating your head from your heart’s or a spirit’s thought is caused by over-thinking and too much negative focus. All that being said, you don’t need to get back to doing channeling immediately, and we don’t recommend that you do. As Mimi pointed out, when and if you do, you can also have a chaperone with you in person, and also in spirit. You can decide, through the power of your intentions, focus, beliefs and trust, who you will channel, who can come in, how long they can stay, how they will come in and out of your energy, etc. But do that when you feel ready and confident that you are in control, and that there is love for you in the spirit world, including spirits who want to work with you and help you have a positive experience for yourself. We sincerely hope this has provided help, thank you for your question, Someone.

The long answer: