Ask PP: What can I do to remove a mischief spirit from my life?

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The Question: What can I do to remove a mischief-making spirit from my life? I move a lot and every house I live in eventually has broken toilets/plumbing. I also feel his touch in between levels of sleeping and waking. I don’t feel menaced but I surely feel harassed. I believe this is a deceased relative and I just want him to leave me alone. What do you suggest?


Will’s answer:

No spirit has permission to do these things against your free will.  So I suggest you really state your intention to no longer allow this.  At some level, conscious or unconscious, this spirit feels like it has been given permission to do what it is doing.  So you need to state, in no uncertain terms, this is not what you want and take charge of the energy space around you.

It does not matter who you think it is, family, or not, if you don’t want them there then permission needs to be revoked.  If this is the same spirit then it has been given permission to be there.  No spirit (in my experience) has ever done things like this without permission.   I’m not sure of the dynamics of your particular case though, I’m just making generalizations.

What you should do is to set new boundaries.   Make up your own mantra or phrase to reinforce your desire to not be bothered by spirits.  Remind yourself that this is in effect and you will not tolerate this type of activity.  I would even set up physical representations of your will, like a phrase written on paper, and displayed in areas where you normally had these encounters.  That’s more for keeping your mental energy focused on your will, and intention, more than being like a talisman or charm.  You have the power to invite or un-invite these types of encounters.  So don’t think you need anyone else to do this for you, or hire some spirit cleaner.  Set your intention and ‘know’ your will needs to be recognized.

Mimi’s answer: 

Hi Vivian,

Thanks for submitting your question!

While your question does not give too many details about yourself that could enable us to give you a clearer explanation, you seem to be of the certainty that this is a familiar energy that you consider to be a relative. A few questions come to mind: have you asked the spirit in question what it wants (sometime relatives simply want to get a message across) and, most especially, have you tried telling (not asking) it to leave? Or do you passively accept this situation? Since we don’t know the answers to those questions, I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s the latter, and I’ll focus my answer on that perspective.

When we passively accept things we don’t like, that can lead to a belief that we don’t deserve better in life. That belief can be so deep that we don’t even question it anymore or notice how much we identify with it. We just accept that people can overstep our boundaries, treat us like shit, or control our lives – and those beliefs can certainly transcend to the spirit world. The key is to embrace all of who we are, and for some of us that includes being extra-sensory. Rather than seeing outside sources of energy as irritants just because we are aware enough to feel them, it’s important we start accepting responsibility for our lives and to know we have complete control over everything we experience and feel, including spirit encounters. Whenever I encounter spirits like that, I always ask myself “What am I projecting that is drawing this type of energy to me?” We can burn sage or shield ourselves all we want; those things can certainly help, but we should never forget how our own energy and intentions play a major part in all our experiences.

Once a belief is set, it becomes part of our reality, which means we start expecting things to go a specific way. It sounds like this might be your case. As you moved into your new homes, did you expect this spirit to follow you? Did it come as no surprise when he did? Do you speak of this spirit as though he is a part of your life? For example, saying things like: “I have a spirit who’s been following me around for years now.”

The presence of this spirit is in your focus because you are accepting it as part of your reality, and as such are allowing him in, even though you see him as an irritant and a “mischief-making” spirit. All you need to do is take a stand and firmly decide, out of love for yourself, that you will no longer accept and tolerate this kind of bullshit, or for your boundaries to be overstepped – both from spirits and people. I have a full list of boundaries that I had no other choice to create, because of the type of work I do with Psychic Punx, and because I experienced a trauma last year that sometimes has an effect on my energy. So my boundaries are: spirits that I know and trust only, and if someone (i.e. a spirit) wants a Psychic Punx interview, they are to let me know via signs and synchronistic events. I don’t allow people to “send me” spirits in the hopes that they’ll be in my focus so that I’ll channel them, either. If a spirit I don’t know wants to get in touch with me, he/she has to find other methods or people to get the message across, etc. You can create a boundary about the types of energy you want to deal with (but again, you must also take care of your own energy as well, to be in the vicinity of the energy you want) or you can create a boundary about the time of day you are open for communication, etc. You’re the boss. You create these via intentions, and you must be sure and positive that you are worthy of them. Write them down, send them out in meditation, prayer, to the universe, your guides, etc. It doesn’t matter. But let your voice be heard in this matter.

Have compassion and love for yourself, then allow this compassion and love to be directed towards this spirit, especially if you feel this is an energy you know. Allow yourself to no longer use words like “mischief-making” and “harassment” – choose to no longer make these words be a part of your reality and perception of yourself, your world, and the spirit world. Make a clear decision that from now on, you want love for yourself, and make that intention become a reality by speaking highly of yourself, of your energy, and by refusing to participate in anything that is not in the vicinity of that. Sometimes, that also means letting go of hostile people in our lives.

Make your intention clear about what you expect for yourself.

Then: tell that spirit to fuck off.

With love. 😉