Ask PP: What do mediums mean when they say “old soul”?

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The Question:

What do psychics and mediums mean when they use the name “old soul” for someone?


Mimi’s answer:

Hi Isabella,

Thanks for your question!

In a general sense, most psychics and mediums refer to “old souls” as people, young or old, whom they perceive to be wise beyond their years. You hear it especially when referring to young children who are wise, mature, or who seem to have far more emotional intelligence than the norm, adults included.

An old soul generally means one that has traveled through many lifetimes and who has acquired, in the process, much knowledge and wisdom, which is easily perceivable in how this person acts and talks.

Personally, I feel that’s just our human way of labeling someone whom we deem wiser than the norm. My personal feeling is that most of us *are* old souls, just because I believe in the eternal aspect of the universe and of consciousness. There are probably hundreds of millions of people on this earth right now who are old souls but who don’t have an ounce of perceivable wisdom in them – spiritual, emotional, philosophical or other. So personally, for me, it’s a judgment – albeit a positive one – based on perception. One could have lived hundreds of thousands of lives yet still choose to come back as a serial killer or a narcissistic prima donna, but you probably wouldn’t see anyone gazing in awe at their “old soulness,”  because we only see what we want to see. All of humanity plays an important part in the flow of collective consciousness, as far as I’m concerned.

Of course, all this is based in spiritual beliefs, and in your own intuition and feelings on the matter. No one can talk about these things in a factual way or as though it’s a done deal. How do you feel about it?

William’s answer:

In my dealings with spirit,  an old soul is someone who has incarnated a lot.  Usually here on Earth, but not always.  Some of the hard things to wrap our brain around is the fact spirit exists in a place of no time.  So old is irrelevant.  We are all old, we are all young.  Same thing.  A better way to look at this is simply to see it as experience.

Obviously souls that have been here a lot, will tend to pick up more experience, and therefore have a bigger understanding of themselves and the world around them.  This tends to be why we associate those with being called an old soul a wise one.  That doesn’t mean he has all the answers, nor does it mean he is here for the highest healing good though.  Sometimes it’s the really advanced, experienced soul, that volunteers for the “tough” life jobs.  Your catalysts, killers, and generally despised persons through history.

I have found those to be the oldest souls around.  But that’s just my perspective.  Everyone seeing the same image through their own prism may see a different picture.