Ask PP: Why did someone imply I wasn’t worthy of the label “lightworker”?

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The Question: “Hearty Hugs from Australia..My question is the label Lightworker. I attend development classes & have learnt valuble stuff for my spiritual development & practice lessons learnt etc & have been successful in psychometry for others & meditation messages for self &  a person said in their talking to us, “the lightworkers you will be one day”. Now that got me thinking cause wouldn’t one who is on the path of spiritual development for self & has helped others thru messages via psychometry etc be a ‘lightworker’ already? Am just a tad confused & yes stuck on that sentence of ‘will be one day’. Can u clarify for me the word lightworker please. Thank u muchly.” – IraLynn Jacob

Our answer: People give themselves all sorts of labels in the spiritual movement (lightworker, empath, starseed, etc.) which is mostly meant to implement a sense of belonging or a feeling of being validated in one’s worth, however most of the time, it creates separation between ourselves and others who don’t identify with our chosen label. It should really be of no importance to you what you call yourself or what others feel you are worthy of identifying with or not if you are ok with who you are and if you are aligned with your spiritual and personal values.

In the words of William Adley: “Love and light – and a little bit of fuck you.