August 13, 2016: How to Easily Connect with Anyone in the Spirit World Online Workshop


Learn the basics of connecting with spirits through the power of your intentions.

Saturday, August 13, 2016, 8 pm EDT – $20

In this fun, 90 minute live workshop, Psychic Punx’s Mimi Bonhomme will provide students with easy, down-to-earth methods for connecting with the spirit world, including meditation techniques, recognizing signs, shifting our beliefs about death and the spirit world to a more positive one, understanding the role our thoughts, intentions and energy play, trusting our intuition, using divination tools, and many more tips and tools to help ease our connection with these higher frequencies. She will also demystify some traditional mediumship views on celebrity mediumship and teach students how to contact, invoke and connect with absolutely anyone in the spirit world they want AND get a response.

This workshop includes a live meditation and exercises. Mimi’s methods are energy-focused, therefore neutral and not based in any religious beliefs. People of all religious and spiritual backgrounds are welcome.

Mimi’s classes are always fun, light-hearted and focused on self-empowerement. Absolutely anyone can achieve greater intuitive experiences by understanding how intentions and beliefs shape our experiences. Mediumship and connecting to the spirit world is not an elitist movement reserved to only a few gifted people, and the spirit world is not a VIP, password-only exclusive affair. Anyone can do this, and so can you.

The workshop will be held online at Learn it Live. Click on the Learn it Live logo below to register or for more information!