Jan. 13. 2016: Special night of channeling w/Nina Simone, Coco Chanel, Marie Curie and Madame Blavatsky


Psychic Punx mediums Mimi Bonhomme, William Adley and Alison Allan hosted a special special night of channeling on January 13, 2016. 

We interviewed four amazing women: Nina Simone, Marie Curie, Coco Chanel and a special interview with Madame Blavatsky on how to develop our own natural psychic skills. All Psychic Punx interviews are done with the intention of shedding light on a spirit’s journey and help us learn about our own lives and purpose.

All interviews followed the regular Psychic Punx questionnaire, and we also took questions from those in attendance. The event was recorded and is still accessible to view via Learn it Live. Click on the image above for the link. Click on the image above for the link.