Oct. 31, 2015: Official Psychic Punx Launch Event


On Hallow’s Eve, 2015, the Psychic Punx mediums hosted a free night of channeling to officially launch our website! Mimi Bonhomme, William Adley and Alison Allan channelled Alistair Crowley, Mary Shelley, Bela Lugosi and yes, even Lucifer.

Lucifer brought forth a lot of wisdom about fears and belief systems, and how our perceptions, thoughts and beliefs manifest into energy, which makes us entirely responsible for everything we perceive and experience.  We asked him about the concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, his purpose and role, Rober Johnson (who even showed up!), how to change our beliefs, and much, much more.

Alistair Crowley talked to us about embracing our dark and weird side, his tarot cards and his beliefs. Mary Shelley spoke about feminism and Frankenstein, and Bela Lugosi told us that today’s horror movies are too violent for his taste.

To view the night’s session, please click on the image above, or use the direct link below.
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