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While most of the spirits we’ve interviewed so far have willingly come forward, Al Capone was invited to be interviewed because we wanted to know why he chose to live the life of a violent criminal, and why he did the things he did. Alison and Mimi both decided to invite him, but Alison offered to ask the questions while Mimi channeled. We didn’t know what to expect, but we certainly didn’t expect for him to be hilarious! He has a profoundly dark sense of humour and made us laugh throughout the entire interview. We found out he was a jovial, outrageously flirtatious man who made no excuses for who he was and what he did. Besides having the hots for Alison and doing his best to seduce her, Al talked to us about why he has no remorse for what he did, gun control, corruption, money and power. This is one of our favorite interviews so far, and we hope you’ll enjoy it too!


Alison: I can hear him. “You goils.” [Laughs] Sounds like one of those New Joy-sey kind of accents.

Mimi: Ok. So you’ve already got him, let me see if I can grab him.

Al Capone: Yeah, I’m here.

Alison: Tough guy. He’s coming across as a tough guy, but…

Mimi: Gentle.

Alison: Yeah, playful tough guy, because there’s no need for him to be tough. So he’s with you then, you’ve got him?

Mimi: Oh yeah. He just did this! [Does playful boxing moves]

Alison: [Laughs] He’s ready to box! So how’s he doing, is he doing all right? Is he happy?

Al Capone: Yeah, I’m curious about you two. I don’t normally get “called”.

Alison: Yeah, we don’t judge here. We understand that a life is a contract. And he seems to have had a very interesting “contract”, what does he want to tell us about that?

Al Capone: Well, it’s not the same type of contracts I was doin’!

Alison: He just said “Don’t ask me about the tax fraud!” [Laughs]

Mimi: Oh, we’re gonna have fun with him!

Alison: I can hear him, you can hear him, that’s awesome. All right, so he’s ok to go with these questions, then?

Mimi: Oh my God he said, “shoot!” Haha!

Alison: [Laughs] What a terrible joke! Ok, so can he describe his personality in one word?

Al Capone: Tough.

Alison: Tough, yeah. Was there a gentle side to him that we are picking up on now? Was it there in life as well?

Al Capone: Yeah, I was a baby.

Mimi: I feel he means “mama’s boy,” and he says “the ladies made my heart melt.” He became like a child in front of a woman – a good looking woman – he says.

Alison: Yeah. And I’m getting all of that as you’re saying it, it’s coming right through exactly. Was he hard on women, though? Was he misogynistic?

Al Capone: HEY! No! I loved the ladies!

Mimi: And he’s looking at you specifically, Alison.

Al Capone: What are you doing later?

Alison: [Laughs] Well, diner with Al Capone if he likes!

Al Capone: Yeah, you like tough guys, huh?

Mimi: Wow, he’s hilarious! His energy is so raw.

Alison: Did he have a commanding presence with men? Did men automatically want to follow him?

Al Capone: Yes, I had to.

Mimi: Feels like he was small, was he small or short?

Alison: Yeah.

Mimi: Ok, cause he felt he had to be a little bit more [tough].

Alison: Yes, and sort of broad across the chest. I can see him in my 3rd eye, he was broad across the chest. Stalky, short Italian. [Laughs]

Al Capone: What you got against Italians?

Alison laughs.

Mimi: Wow. You already feel like you don’t want to annoy this guy! But there’s a little wink with that.

Alison: That’s right, yeah! His personality is just beautiful. Ok so his leadership skills. He would’ve had to have a combination, I would imagine, of fear and leadership. How did he see that?

Mimi: His leadership skills were through fear. Manipulating people through fear. He’s showing me that he was extremely violent. He’s like “this is how I led” and doing this [gun to head]. “You do as I say or else.” People around him were terrified of him – the people who worked for him, his group. So terror was how he showed leadership.

Alison: And was that a learned behavior from childhood? How did he come to know how to use that tactic with people?

Mimi: He says through his mom. He’s showing me his mom shaking him. She would shake him…she was violent with him but in the sense of slapping.

Al Capone: That’s how she got what she wanted from me.

Mimi: And he was terrified of her as a child. So it’s more through his mom, which is interesting. He’s not talking about his dad at all. I’m not feeling there was a fatherly presence in his life.

Alison: So he learned that behavior from his mom, that’s really interesting.

Mimi: He’s saying “the discipline that it brought me”, and he’s showing me having someone physically in your hands [grasping an arm on each side] and shaking them, and the fear that that brought up in the other person, the control. So he learned that he could also do that with others and get what he wanted too.

Alison: And what was the motivation for making money in the crime world?

Al Capone: Cause I didn’t have any.

Alison: [Laughs] I’m getting that he’s a very intelligent, very astute man, is that how you feel about him as well?

Mimi: What I’m getting from him is more “in your face”. He’s really direct with me. He’s showing me the tough persona, I’m just getting the surface, so you’re probably getting more, another side of the coin.

Alison: I’m picking up that he was very good at manipulating situations. It’s almost like he knew what people were going to do before they even did it. Am I right in saying he could tune in to what people were up to behind his back? Was he that in tune with people?

Mimi: He’s saying he had people who worked for him who did that. He says it’s not what you think or implying.

Al Capone: The intuition that you girls have? No. That was for the witches, and I’ve killed my share of witches. If you were weird, you had no business being with me.

Alison: Well that leads me on to another good question, then. How did he feel about spirituality when he was alive? Was he a religious man at all?

Al Capone: *I* was God. Fear me!

Alison: I kind of do already! [Laughs]

Al Capone: Religion is for shmucks.

Mimi: His opinion was that hell was more interesting. So everything that was sinful in his time – alcohol, sex, money, drugs – if all of those things were available in hell, then he wanted to go to hell, he had no problems with going to hell. In that sense religion, God…and he keeps saying, “what you girls are doing”, that was absolutely not interesting to him.

Alison: Right. So how does he feel about spirituality now? What has he learned over there?

Al Capone: I learned that Jesus is a pretty swell fella! I like him! Hey, I did my thing, I came down here and did my thing. It’s something I wanted to experience. I did it; I have no qualms about it. [Taking on a tougher tone] And if anyone has an issue with that, they can deal with me directly!

Alison: I have no issues at all!

Mimi: [Laughs) Yeah, no, we’re good!

Alison: No judgment from me. I’m just fascinated with spirits who are choosing to live these lives because they are really putting themselves in the way of infamy.

Al Capone: Putting myself in the way of what?

Alison: [Laughs] Major judgment from the population, you know, to be judged.

Al Capone: No, people idolized me! I was in the papers, people talked about me. I was feared and veneered. And you’re still talking about me today, honey.

Alison: Absolutely. [Laughs]

Al Capone: So I couldn’t care less if people thought ill of me. Because again, all they had to do was say it to my face. And they’d know what was coming.

Alison: So Al you had a long career as a…what would you call yourself…

Al Capone: [Flirting] Hey honey, we have the same name.

Alison: We do, yeah! [Laughs]

Mimi: He winked at you!

Al Capone: Do you like champagne, sweetheart?

Alison: Yeah, I do! [Laughs]

Mimi: He likes you!

Alison: [Laughs] So would he call himself a crime boss, or mafia, or what was…

Al Capone: No, no, no…no mafia.

Mimi: He stopped you right there; he doesn’t want anything to do with that. And very proudly too, there’s a lot of pride in him saying “no mafia.” So what he called himself?

Alison: Yeah, how did he see himself?

Mimi: He’s very proud of his life as Al Capone.

Al Capone: I was the greatest man at what I did.

Mimi: That’s how he saw himself.

Alison: And were there people in authority or in the police forces that feared him as well? Was he able to manipulate people in those areas to keep himself out of prison as long as he did?

Al Capone: [making money sign] Money will get you a long way, sweetheart. Money talks.

Mimi: He hates cops.

Al Capone: They’re all crooks. You’re talking about me now, but I certainly wasn’t the only crook in that filthy town.

Alison: So would he call himself an honest crook then, because he’s not hiding behind anything? Whereas some in the police force would hide behind a badge and pretend that they’re honest? Does he see it like that?

Mimi: Can you repeat that? Because a few things happened… I just feel like he’s very close to me now and breathing in my ear to distract me, and at the same time whenever you talk, I get the impression from him that he really likes you! [Laughs]

Al Capone: Man, she gets me!

Alison: [Laughs] That’s a bit of a worry, isn’t it? Uh-oh!

Alison repeats the question.

Mimi: No, dishonesty everywhere. He was dishonest, the cops were dishonest. He’s saying that part of his purpose was to bring up to the surface the crooked cops. There’s something around that experience that made people realize that a lot of people were corrupted. Part of his role was to bring that [the corruption] to the surface.

Alison: Right ok, I can totally get that because of that time period I think…was it New York that he was in, or…?

Mimi: He’s saying Chicago.

Al Capone: Cubs!

Alison: Cubs…is that…?

Mimi: He’s really excited now about the Cubs. It’s baseball.

Alison: Oh right, yeah, baseball.

Mimi: Are they in the series now? [Turns out they were at the time of this interview, playing their final games]

Alison: I don’t follow sports.

Al Capone:  Shit, you ladies!

Alison: [Laughs] I don’t follow sports in any country!

Mimi: He’s upset with us. “Women!”

Alison: [Laughs] Ok, what about the life review, how did that go down?

Mimi: He’s bringing something up that’s interesting, he’s saying he tried to avoid it for a long time, and I didn’t know you could do that. He was really scared of going to hell, actually.

Al Capone: I wasn’t scared, I was disappointed that I didn’t!

Mimi: He didn’t realize the scope of the fear and terror that he caused around him. But what his life review helped him understand was to not be ashamed of that because it was part of what he came here to do. So he’s got absolutely no remorse, it’s almost a pride.

Alison: Yeah, I should think so, because he really did throw himself in the role, you could say.

Mimi: He says he wanted to experience power. Having total and complete power over people. I’d like to know why, though. He keeps saying he had to do it, or that he was meant to do it, but I’d like to know why.

Alison: Some of the why would have been to bring out the corruption and all that.

Mimi: He did mention that, but that felt like part of the reason, so let me see…he’s saying part of his life purpose was to offend, to make people react. And that he represented a choice. You could either fear him, or choose not to allow him to have any impact on you. So what he’s saying is that everyone who worked for him, including the cops, had a choice. He was certainly not alone in what he did.

Alison: And you know that’s a common theme in a lot of the figures like him. They will say, “I wasn’t alone in this, people chose to go with me.”

Al Capone: My buddy Jesus, he represented the extreme side of that. I was the other side. You can go with Jesus, or you can go with Al!

Alison: [Laughs] That is priceless Al!

Mimi: He’s smiling, he likes to make you laugh!

Alison: [Laughs] Is there a past life that influenced this one in some way?

Mimi: I’m already seeing a little boy… [Laughs] I just saw a little cherub with wings and I think he’s doing that on purpose! Let me ask him to be serious. Ok so now I’m seeing an older woman walking in streets that seem to be post-war, there’s ruins. Old woman, dressed in black. Poverty – he’s saying poverty was important, and he’s making the link with poverty and wanting to experience a life where poverty wasn’t an issue [in his life as Al Capone]. He lost everything in the war, and now [as Al Capone] he was going to create “a” war. It’s the complete opposite. It’s not revenge, he says, it’s just experiencing both sides. Let me get more of the little lady…it’s not Second World War, it feels more Mediterranean, like Lebanon.

Alison: Right, the image that I see is an old lady, she’s got like a long black gown, and the buildings are very stony white colored. I think the Middle East would be about right.

Mimi: It feels like late 1800s or early 1900s. [Al was born in 1899] And now I’m seeing a boy going like this [extends hand out for food]. There’s hunger and ruins and emptiness. There was nothing. And he was angry with God in that life. He felt that God took something away from him, and he was very upset about that. In the next life, he wanted to experience taking things away from people and having that power over people. But he wants us to know it’s not revenge, it’s just having that experience, because between each life, he had time to heal and understand that it wasn’t God doing these things. It was us, humans. It’s the human experience.

Alison: Is he currently incarnated right now, or…?

Al Capone: Wouldn’t you like to know!

Alison: [Laughs] He’s such a flirt!

Mimi: Let me see.

Al Capone: No, I’m done with that.

Alison: So there’s nothing he wants to come back for, he’s happy on the other side?

Al Capone: I can drink, fuck, smoke whenever I want, so hey, Heaven ain’t so bad!

Alison: Yeah…fair enough…well that’s thrown me off my next question! [Laughs]

Mimi: He’s happy he has that effect on you! It threw me off as well.

Alison: I’ll have to go back to me list.

Al Capone: Ask me my phone number.

Alison: [Laughs] I’ve already got it, it’s Mimi! Alright, a favorite memory. Does he have a favorite memory?

Mimi: Oooooooh that’s not good! He’s showing me killing people.

Alison: I just had a feeling it was going to be guns.

Mimi: But that’s interesting, I want to know why that’s a favorite memory.

Al Capone: No. It’s not killing people, it’s killing specific people.

Mimi: Gangs. There’s a specific gang, and it’s a shooting that goes [does left to right fast shooting motion]. It’s like archenemies, he’s saying. I don’t know who it is, but there was a feeling of accomplishment in that. [We later realized Al was more than likely describing the St-Valentine’s Day Massacre]


Alison: So the war aspect of what he did, that he was talking about earlier, it’s urban warfare, basically. So is there something that he’s least proud of?

Mimi: I don’t know if he had children, but he seems to say he did. It was the relationship with his children. He’s getting upset now.

Al Capone: I could’ve done better.

Mimi: His head is down now. He’s kind of shameful.

Al Capone: No I’m sad. But that’s all resolved. But when I think about it…eh. It is what it is.

Alison: Yeah. Ok, so what does he do now, when he’s up there, besides having a good old party?

Al Capone: What more is there to do?

Mimi: Oh, that’s very interesting, Al Capone. He’s talking about gun control, especially in the United States.

Al Capone: What, d’you think I was gonna be an asshole even dead?

Mimi: So he’s helping with gun issues, violence issues all over the world but he’s being specific about the United States right now.

Al Capone: Whenever there’s a violent crime and guns are talked about in the media, I’m there. I realize now that I created a monster, my influence is still there. People always have a choice, but my influence is still there. So it’s my responsibility now to try and help people realize that they always have a choice, and it doesn’t have to include guns.

Mimi: So he feels responsible in that sense. Gun control.

Alison: Is he working with, say, Congress, trying to influence the gun laws, and that sort of thing, or is just a broad base?

Mimi: He’s calling them a bunch of idiots.

Al Capone: You can’t get anything through their heads!

Mimi: He has a gun to their heads! [Laughs] He has a sick sense of humor. I like it!

Mimi and Alison laugh.

Mimi: And he says every time there’s a shooting, it happens for a reason. It happens so that people will learn from it. And the reason why it keeps happening over and over again is because the governments don’t learn from it.

Al Capone: There’s money to be had in guns, and the money isn’t just with the gangs, it’s with your governments, with people in power. It’s always about power. And people don’t want that power to be taken away from them.

Alison: So how does he feel about countries like Australia, where they pretty much banned gun ownership? That came from a massacre in Tasmania, and after that…

Al Capone: When there are massacres and shootings, it’s very tragic of course, but they happen for a reason, so that people will wake up about these things. So what happened in your country is precisely that. And you guys understood it. You guys get it. You’re not slow like us idiots.

Alison: America’s probably got one of the biggest numbers of deaths through shootings…

Al Capone: [interrupting her, snapping fingers] Cause that’s where the money is! It’s always about money! In the United States everything is about money!

Alison: Does he see a time where that will change for the US?

Mimi: He says no. He’s being negative about it. He’s talking about  – I apologize in advance, those are his words  – he says “those stupid red necks who think that having a gun is their right.”

Al Capone: People who die because of idiots like you, don’t they have a right?

Mimi: This is Al Capone saying these things, that’s amazing.

Al Capone: Yeah, I’m all about surprises, sweetheart.

Mimi: He’s saying it’s the governments, but it’s also people who believe it’s their constitutional right to own a gun. As far as he’s concerned, that’s an old way of thinking. “Old school,” he says.

Al Capone: The world’s turning [changing] and it’s no longer just about you.

Mimi: He says it’s also about education, getting people out of the street…he says gun issues are more of a concern where there’s less education, less money – poverty. It affects these communities, and that’s mainly where he’s trying to help.  He’s working really hard for these communities, cause they can’t thrive if there’s violence, he says. He’s trying to break the cycle.

Alison: That’s pretty amazing and wonderful that he’s doing that.

Al Capone: I did my part [as Al Capone], and I’m now doing my part again.

Alison: During his life, did he experience remorse at all, or did he…

Mimi: No.

Al Capone: If I did, I couldn’t have done all these things that I was meant to do. I couldn’t have been Al Capone if I had remorse. I’m not saying I didn’t have a heart. I had a heart for the people I loved, my family, for my mama, for my girls…

Mimi: …I feel he means prostitutes.

Al Capone: Yeah, I had a heart. But there’s no room for remorse in that type of business.

Mimi: He’s calling it a business.

Al Capone: There’s no room for remorse where there’s power. It’s all about power.

Mimi: But he really wants us to know he wasn’t a monster, in the sense of his soul. He was here to do something specific, and he still doesn’t have any remorse. It was to teach us about choice, like he said, and once people made choices, that choice was public. And if it wasn’t public, it was going to be found out sooner or later. So that was basically what he was meant to do.

Al Capone: And I couldn’t have done it any other way. You have to be violent to fulfill that purpose.

Alison: So in closing here, does he have any words of wisdom that he would like to give to the community at large?

Al Capone: I don’t know, “Make love not war”? What do ya want me to say?

Mimi and Alison laugh.

Al Capone: Hang on, I got some good stuff for you, sweetheart. I can give you words of wisdom all night long if you want.

Alison: [Laughs] I don’t know if I want that kind of wisdom!

Al Capone: Stop judging people. You don’t know what’s going on. I bet everyone who’s reading this interview will have their minds blown by me, but in a different way, not with a gun. There’s always something else to understand, you just need to look for it. And I bet you didn’t know that I’m fighting for gun control now! I bet you didn’t know that!

Mimi: He’s really proud of that.

Alison: No, and this is why we like to interview guys like you, Al, because we know that you came here for a purpose, and we know you’re putting what you learned to good use in the afterlife at some point, so we don’t judge.

Mimi: I just saw him with a halo above his head.

Alison: Yeah! [Laughs] Ask him to reveal his true spirit to you, to drop the persona.

Mimi: I’m seeing a man with a long white beard, and he’s doing this [prayer sign].

Al Capone: But you know what, that’s not just me, that’s you, that’s everyone.  We all have wisdom inside of us. We’re all masters of this universe.

Alison: Thank you, that was just fabulous, I really enjoyed it!

Mimi: He’s winking at ya!

Al Capone [flirting]: Honey, you call me any time.

Mimi: Yeah. He’s gone. Poof. I’m seeing a phone in my mind’s eye, with a little note next to it, and I feel it’s for you. And it’s a vintage phone.

Alison: “Call me”

Mimi: Yeah.

Turns out Al Capone didn’t really leave, he just left Mimi to be with Alison! He stayed with her for a few days, so much so that she pursued this interview further! So here’s part 2 with Alison
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