Alan Rickman



This guy was a serious joy to talk to. I mean c’mon: It’s Alan Rickman! Alan spoke to us in great lengths about the afterlife and answered all our questions with grace and a shared curiosity about what it’s like to be a spirit and what the F is the higher self. Alan even gave Will some tips on how to levitate and move shit with his mind. We’ll report back in a few months to see how that went. Enjoy!


Mimi: So I’m getting this was an artist or stage person, because I got “stage fright.”

Will: Yes, that’s correct.

Mimi: Ok…I’m getting feelings in the head, heart and stomach…and strong emotions. Very emotional person.

Will: That would be fitting, yeah.

Mimi: I’m getting that this is an actor.

Will: Yes.

Mimi: Ok! The 80s…the 80s were an important decade for this person, too.

Will: Uh…I’ll have to check on that. He was definitely active in the 80s.

Mimi: At his peak or something. It was an important decade, it feels like.

Will: Oh I betcha! Yeah, I just tingled on that myself. I betcha that’s probably when he got cemented as a famous actor. According to his Wiki, he’s been active from 1978 to recently.

Mimi: Oh, recently? So this is a recent passing?

Will: Uuuh yes….this year, I think. Yeah, 2016.

Mimi: Well who is it, then? Cause I don’t think I’ll be able to figure it out.

Will: Alan Rickman.

Mimi: [Excited] Oh!! I’m going to channel Alan Rickman? Shit!

Will: I hope so!

Mimi: [Laughs] Ok, calm yer little girl hormones…

Will: I wasn’t sure who to get, and I struggled all day with it. I had nothing. I woke up this morning, and was like, “I got nobody. Who wants to be in on this?” and instantly his head popped up. And I was like, “Oh that’s right!” He passed in January, I think.

Mimi: So let me re-center and focus on him, so that he can come through more clearly, now that I know it’s him. “Content” is the word. He was content. Wasn’t a super happy person, wasn’t depressed, just content.

Will: Yeah, that’s how he comes off to me.

Alan Rickman: Thank you for having me.

Will: Oh, it’s…a real pleasure, on this one.

Mimi: Mine as well! Yeah, for sure.

Will: He was one of those actors that I always noticed but didn’t know who he was until the end. He was very endearing in his roles, for me. A lot of good roles.

Mimi: Aw, he’s very…he’s thrilled to hear you say that.

Will: Oh and I’m so unprofessional…I don’t have the questions. I’ll grab them in a second. Before we start with the questions, how is it [the afterlife] for him? Is he finding it…I mean we don’t normally get people who so recently crossed over. Is he having difficulty getting through to us, or is it all new for him? Is he an old hat…new hat?

Alan Rickman: Expressing myself is something I did very well, but there is a turning point when you pass, where you express yourself and express yourself, but…no one’s hearing.

Mimi laughs.

Will: Yeah.

Mimi: So it’s up to us to hear. So it is something he is learning, but…ah! He says it’s cooperative. He’s learning to do that as well [communicate].

Will: So if he were to describe himself or his personality with one word, what would that word be?

Alan Rickman: Suave.

Mimi: Feels like he had a bit of a drink from time to time, cause he just did this [does a drinking gesture] kind of in a funny way. I don’t know why that’s part of his answer! [Laughs] Funny when he was drunk, suave when he wasn’t.

Will: [Laughs] I feel so unprepared…I usually have someone I know I want to interview, and I’ll know stuff about them. It’s almost like I don’t know enough about him to ask the questions, it’s weird.

Alan Rickman [serious voice]: May that be a lesson to you, Will.

Mimi: [laughs] He says this is just a lesson for you to learn to let go. Just let yourself loose and go with it.

Will: Cool. Alright then.

Alan Rickman: I’ll make it entertaining, don’t worry.

Will: Good! It’s all on Alan!

Mimi: Yes!

Will: I gotta say though, before we start the interview, I think my fave character of his was Doctor Lazarus from Galaxy Quest. He played the role of an alien guy who’s always shit on by the main guy…[Laughs] That was my favorite!

Mimi: He says, “of course it’s your favorite.” [Laughs]

Will: [Laughs] I guess it’s the sci-fi angle. I just wanted to get that out of the way.

Mimi: Oh, he’s SO sarcastic!

Alan Rickman: The world thanks you, Will, for getting that out of the way. Now we can carry on.

Will: I had to get it out!

Mimi: Dry humor! I like him.



Will: Alright, so Alan…

Alan Rickman: Will!

Will: …what was your greatest challenge?

Mimi: Um…shy. Yeah. Shyness.

Alan Rickman: Fine intuitives like yourselves, I’m sure you’ve noticed it. It’s very subtle, but there was a reserve.

Mimi: Very private person, feels like.

Will: So how did he get over the shyness? Did he just muscle through it?

Alan Rickman: I did!

Mimi: Yeah…this is coming again, terrible stage fright. It’s like having to reveal yourself to the world. Had difficulty doing that. He’s showing me being on a show like The Tonight Show… being interviewed. Didn’t like that. [Laughs] Except this, this is different! But doing the PR work that comes with promoting a movie, for example…ugh…[feeling his energy] I’m not likin’ that.

Will: No?

Mimi: Had to be charming, had to be…there was a character about him. He was very much aware that people had some form of expectation from him. That he exuded some sort of classiness or…was expected to be funny…he felt he had to live up to that, and didn’t really enjoy doing that, feels like.

Will: Hmmm, interesting. Yeah, he comes off as a very sophisticated kind of person.

Alan Rickman: Oh, but don’t think I wasn’t!

Will: [Laughs] I have like five questions I wanna ask later, we’ll get to that. What was his greatest quality?

Mimi: Sense of humor. And a good audience, he says. He’s calling it a “joie de vivre.”

Will: Ooh, I don’t know what that means! What does that mean, Mimi?

Mimi: It’s a French expression that means like a “lover of life.” The life force in you that expresses joy or happiness.

Will: I like that! What was he here to learn?

Mimi: [Laughs] How to be happy!

Will: Did he have a hard time being happy?

Mimi: Um…bit of a curmudgeon…little bit. Yeah. It’s not that he didn’t like people…just very private. It’s the duality of being shy and reserved vs. being famous. And it feels like that was a bit later in his life, like he became famous when he was older. Now I don’t know much about him but that’s the feeling he’s giving me, that he became famous more towards the end of his life. Like the last 30 years, type of thing.

Will: Well he became popular…See, I think it’s a generational thing, like I know him as the bad guy in Die Hard, I know him as Dr. Lazarus, I know him as Archangel Metatron in Dogma, which was an awesome movie I wanna talk about! But then there’s the younger kids that know him for Harry Potter.

Mimi: Yes…he’s very proud of that.

Will: That was a big thing. I wanted to ask him about that…what was it like to be a part of that? Ok, there are so many levels to this question…so Harry Potter! The universe of Harry Potter. Does that exist somewhere? Was it channeled? Did J.K. Rowling tap into something?

Alan Rickman: Well, you’re going to have to ask her.

Mimi: [Laughs] Nah, that was kind of a joke answer. But I just gotta say though, while you were asking your question, he was kind of crouched forward, listening very intently and doing this [elbows on knees, hands together]. I’ve never actually seen him do that, but that’s how he’s coming across. A good listener, is what I’m getting. So…was it channeled, Harry Potter?

Alan Rickman: Oh yes! Everything’s channeled.

Will: So, is there really a Spiderman out there, fighting crime? There is, right?

Alan Rickman: If you believe it, Will. If you believe it.

Will: I kinda do. [Laughs]

Mimi: So what he means by “channeled” is channeled inspiration. So…this is absolutely not something he was ready to believe when he was alive, I’m strongly getting that. The issue he had with that…and it doesn’t feel like someone ever actually challenged him on that, but the issue he WOULD’VE had with that [laughs], is like…it’s not your idea, but some ghost’s…[Laughs] that’s how he’s expressing it: “like there’s some ghost feeding you shit.” So…that’s not what he means. He’s seeing now that “channeled inspiration” means…[listening intently] uh…J.K. Rowling…being…totally aligned with her own…Source…her own consciousness, if you will…

Will: I’m hearing the exact same thing as you’re saying it…

Mimi: Yes! And…getting the collective consciousness thoughts…and she’s totally opened to it…and…she’s FEARLESS about it, she’s letting her imagination run wild, he says.

Alan Rickman: In that sense, that exists, because those thoughts have been created and she was open to them.

Mimi: Does that make sense to you?

Will: That makes perfect sense, I get it completely.

Alan Rickman: So Spiderman exists, because someone thought about it.

Will: Um-hmm. Pretty cool. I like that! So what was your life purpose, then?

Mimi: The first thing I’m hearing is “create.” Also to be seen, and heard. And with that, he’s just on a stage and he is being “seen.” So…did he do plays, or theatre? I’m going to assume he did, cause I’m getting a lot of stage fright, and a huge thespian vibe from him. And I’m seeing him on a stage.

Will: Oh yeah. [Verifying] Yeah, he did.

Mimi: Yeah, that would make a lot of sense. So…to be seen…elaborate please….to be seen as a creator, to be heard. He’s calling himself a unique character, a unique little dot in the grand world of actors, acting, and thespians, he says. And part of that was to accept himself as he was. So that’s what he was here to do. Well…he did it!

Will: Yeah, he certainly did. So what are you most proud of, Alan?

Mimi: Um…there’s a lot of things…the Harry Potter movies are coming in very strongly right now, because…that allowed him to reach out to a younger audience, which he’s very proud of. And it was SO much fun! It was like a big family. He had so much fun on the set. And he was working with people he admired…he’s showing me Maggie Smith, Rob…what’s his name…yeah Robbie Coltrane, Michael Gambon….He loves Harry Potter.



Alan Rickman: You can either take it seriously and believe in it, which is wonderful because it taught young people to be very imaginative, or you can just take it as something that’s just very entertaining.

Will: Cool. So what was he least proud of? Anything?

Mimi: He wrote a play? He says, “My play.” It feels like he wrote a play or a script.

Will: I don’t know enough about that.

Mimi: No, me neither. Probably not something we can validate. But I heard “my play.” He wrote! He’s showing me writing on a computer. So there’s something he wrote, like a script or play, and I don’t know what that’s about, but there’s a regret, or unfinished business. I do feel he wrote a lot.

Will: So…wasn’t very long ago that he died, but did he have a life review? How’d that go?

Mimi: [Laughs] It’s all Harry Potter, and everyone’s waiting for him at the table, and…oh it’s the TABLE! He’s giving you the table! [Will always sees a table when he asks about life reviews].

Will: Yeah, I was waiting for that one. [Laughs] So he played Archangel Metatron in Dogma, and it’s funny because none of the angels were allowed to drink. So I gotta ask him: did he get his drink at the table?

Mimi: Well the table he showed me was the Harry Potter table, with, y’know, Maggie Smith and all those people. That’s the scene he gave me.

Will: I like this guy now. [Laughs]

Mimi:…it’s really obvious he did that for you. He’s really finding that funny. So he’s into this, he knows you. Yeah, he likes you. Um…your question was “did he have his drink?”

Alan Rickman: Of course I did!

Mimi: So…the life review. Yes, he had one. It feels like there was a consistency in his life, like no ups, no downs, just a consistent energy. Enjoyed life as much as he could and made people happy…had “pitfalls” he says, like everyone, but it was a good life, nonetheless. Nothing to complain about. So it went well. And we’re going more into the spiritual questions now, which will be interesting, because I do feel he’s…not hesitant but…I’m feeling the stage fright. [Laughs]

Will: [Laughs] Yeah. Nothing to worry about now, though, bro. So what were his views about that, and what are his views now, how have they changed?

Mimi: I heard “agnostic,” more on the humanist side, perhaps. He LOVED the concept, as an actor, of the evil God! The Shakespearean type of plays that portrayed a God that you should fear. It made great plays.

Alan Rickman: Religion has played such a huge part in the history of dramatic arts and acting, there is so much to feed off from.

Mimi: So he is grateful for everything that religion has done for his art, regardless of what religion it is.

Alan Rickman: But did I practice a religion? No. I loved playing religious figures, like Archangel Metatron. Obviously, if I practiced a religion, I wouldn’t have played such a part. So that gives you a bit of a clue.

Mimi: I don’t feel he was the type of person who was going to argue religion or anyone’s spiritual views to death.

Alan Rickman: Maybe after a couple of pints.

Mimi: So now that he’s passed….he’s still trying to understand how it all works, but…he certainly sees that everything is good, everything is perfect, everything is one. “Interconnected” is the word he uses.

Will: So…what’s the process? You have your life review…then what? Then what do you decide to do?

Alan Rickman: Oh now, Will. Look who “wasn’t prepared!” Free Will. You can do whatever you want. No one’s going to judge you for anything. [Approaches the screen and whispers] There’s no table. You’re not really judged!

Will: I’m gonna have a table!

Mimi: [Laughs] I know you are!

Will: My table’s gonna be awesome!

Mimi: [Laughs] Well he didn’t mean it to sound like “there’s not gonna be this but there’s gonna be that.” He meant there’s no judgment. There’s no one going “Will you did this, but you didn’t do very well on that.” It’s all just love.

Will: Yeah, I know.

Mimi: [to Alan] What did you do after your life review?

Will: Yeah, I mean you have all this freedom, everything’s open, there are no problems…what does someone like Alan Rickman do?

Alan Rickman: You relax!

Will: I was just thinking that! You probably just sit back.

Alan Rickman: After that process, you are filled with love. Things are so clear and perfect. You see the perfection of everything you’ve ever done, every person you’ve come across, how you’ve affected everyone around you. [Takes on thespian voice and makes grand gestures] You do not have to be an AC-TOR to have an influence on people! YOU have an effect on people, you, Will! And Mimi. And everyone who’s watching this has an effect on people. There is perfection in that, because even though you might do something that is perceived as negative, it will have its ripple effect on others, and that is going to create more energy and life experiences. Everything is perfect, and you leave with that sense of clarity. You are so happy, ready and proud to move on to the next thing after that. Some people will say, “I’ve got this! I want to start over!” Others will go, “Oh, so THAT’S what I was meant to do! I was meant to help people but I was too caught up in my own bubble, so now I’m gonna go back and try to help people again.” And me? I just went “Hey, that’s great. [Snaps fingers] Bring me a cocktail!”

Mimi: [Laughs] Yeah, he’s relaxing. He’s enjoying it. He’s enjoying THIS! He understands now why “celebrity” spirits enjoy going to mediums like this. Cause this is a thing now – there’s not just us doing this sort of thing.

Alan Rickman [Exaggerated voice and grand gestures]: Have some more of me!

Will: [Laughs] Pretty cool, I get that. I think the world could do with that.

Mimi: Y’know, he really was a late bloomer, it feels like to me.

Will: I don’t know because…hmm…he’s always been in my peripheral view.

Alan Rickman: Thank you. It’s an energetic [exaggerated French accent] resonance.

Mimi: [Laughs] I just love how he expresses himself.

Will: So what’s the greatest thing you’ve ever created in the afterlife?

Alan Rickman: Well, I’m a newbie.

Mimi: [Laughs] As Alan Rickman, he’s a newbie.

Will: So how does that work? So…you’ve got the higher self, you’ve got all your incarnations…when you have a life and it’s finished, my assumption is that it’s reabsorbed, the lessons are learned…but does that persona, like, not get the info dumped? Are they a “newbie,” like he just said, forever?

Alan Rickman: Well you’re talking to Alan Rickman, you’re not talking to that which you call my higher self.

Will: I understand that. So Alan Rickman is a complete package.

Alan Rickman: I’m a newbie in the sense that I just passed, in your linear terms.

Will: So….he feels like a newbie to himself, so…but why is that? If you’re connected and everyone’s One, and you have the higher self, and the higher self is connected to everything,…why does a spirit feel that he’s a newbie? [Pause] That’s probably gonna be a hard one to answer.

Mimi: [Listens]…No, he’s gonna give you an answer. He says, “Well, Will…” [Laughs]

Will: [Laughs] I like how he’s always addressing me personally!

Mimi: Yes. It feels like he was like that. Focused on the person he was speaking to.

Alan Rickman: Will, when have you ever not had free will?

Will: …that’s true, I guess. He just dumbed it down really quick.

Alan Rickman: I’m a newbie in the sense that I am still learning to the best of my capabilities, as Alan Rickman. And as I open up…

Mimi: And it feels as though he’s getting all these thoughts because he’s asked the question too.

Alan Rickman: The more my own consciousness evolves and opens up…

Mimi: …and that’s gonna happen fairly quickly because this is someone who loves to learn. He’s learning just by being here, he says.

Alan Rickman: …the more my mind gets purified as I heal – and I don’t care who you are, there is a healing process when you pass. There is a healing process when you pass.

Mimi: I don’t know why but he felt the need to say that twice. So that was an important statement for him.

Alan Rickman: Depending on your views, perceptions and beliefs that you’ve exercised with your own free will, when you pass those beliefs are not necessarily going to change straight away, because Source is going to respond to your human beliefs and give you exactly what you want and believe in, like your table. But there’s so much love – so much love! – that at some point you begin to understand. Doors appear, and you have the free will to open them or not and see what’s behind them, at your own pace, to understand who you are and who we all are, and that’s where I am right now. The more doors you open, the faster you merge with what you call your higher self, which is a being of pure love. And that is when you get to see all the aspects of who you are.

Will: I wasn’t expecting to actually understand his answer but I think I get it. That’s kinda cool.

Mimi: Good. He’s honored that he was able to dumb it down and explain it to you, he says. [Laughs]

Will: [Laughs] I don’t even take that as an offence! That was cool!

Mimi: Yeah no! [Laughs] It wasn’t meant as one! I hope I said that right! [Laughs]

Alan Rickman: So in my next life, shall I come back as some Wayne Dyer motivational speaker and explain how all this works?

Will: [Laughs] Yeah! So do you have a next life planned, then?

Alan Rickman: The thought is a very exciting one.

Mimi: It feels like he’s interested in what we’re doing. It’s interesting to him.

Will: Yeah? Cool. Cause most of the spirits we interview are like “No, I’m just doing this right now.” You don’t usually have spirits who are like, “Oh hell yeah I’m coming back!” So let me ask that, then, because “we have free will!” Let’s say Alan Rickman wanted to jump into a human body tomorrow. Could he do that?

Alan Rickman: Of course I can do that. You can do anything. But remember the doors opening – at some point you go “I’ve got it! I’m ready to go back now and learn more.” And you’re so eager, happy and joyful. Then you come back and you’ve forgotten all about it!

Will: That’s the shitty part. I get it, but it just seems weird. It seems weird that we do that. I’m sure I’ll get it afterwards.

Alan Rickman: Now, Will, you haven’t really forgotten.

Will: [Laughs] Yeah, well…this is a special life, I think. It’s the first time I’ve been doing this, so….at least that’s what I’ve been told.

Alan Rickman: No, it’s not. See? I know this much already.

Will: We’ll talk later then, I guess!

Mimi: He seems to be really…in your energy. [Exaggerated French accent and dramatic hand gesture] A RESONANCE! [Laughs]

Will: I’m gonna get a shirt that says, “Alan Rickman likes me.” [Laughs]

Mimi: He’s so funny.

Alan Rickman: Will, [whispers] I like you.

Will: [Laughs] Awesome! That’s the vote of confidence I needed. So what did he think about this when he was alive? Was he someone who believed in mediums?

Alan Rickman: Don’t take it personally…not really.

Mimi: Again though, respected people who…

Alan Rickman: I didn’t really hang around with people who were heavily into this, like you are. I don’t mean to offend. I’m here now!

Will: So he says he’s learning, but what is he specifically working on in the afterlife?

What’s he learning?

Mimi: He’s giving me the word “death.” Ok, what do you mean? [Pause] Well there are still people who are grieving him, obviously, and…it’s the concept of death. He was coming in so clearly, and now he’s just giving me little bits.

Will: Well he’s a newbie at this, so he brought up a bad emotion so it probably disrupted him, right? Like a tachyon particle? Nah, I’m just kidding. [Laughs]

Mimi: He’s pointing to me and says, [whispering] “she’s not getting it.”

Will: Yeah, I know. [Laughs]

Mimi: Um…he’s helping people cope with death, and he means his loved ones. There’s also a lot of love…he sees that he was loved by his fans, too. He’s kind of more drawn to doing that for now.

Will: I imagine that would be occupying, yeah. Does he visit his fans?

Alan Rickman: I’m here.

Will: True!

Alan Rickman: Yes, especially the obsessive ones. I wouldn’t normally visit the obsessive ones, but I do because they think of me constantly, so it draws my energy to them.

Mimi: [Laughs] Wow!

Will: What does he do when he shows up? Does he help with anything?

Mimi: … it’s not that he “shows up,” like “hey I’m just gonna hang out on your couch,” but…the way he’s showing it to me is like you’re a spirit, and people are thinking about you a lot, and you get those thoughts like beams of light. And he can be at many places at the same time, like most spirits, and so he just pops his head in and sees, and goes “Oh hello!” “Oh hello!” “Oh hello!” [Laughs] “Oh someone wrote a blog post about me, how wonderful, thank you! Oh, you baked a cake because it’s my birthday, thank you for remembering!” So he just pops in whenever someone thinks of him.

Will: So do you have any messages for us, Alan Rickman? Anything you want to say, now that you have kind of a new perspective?

Alan Rickman: I could tell you that life is a play, life is a stage, but you want more than the clichés.

Will: You can do whatever you want.

Mimi: Yes. Well the first thing he’s saying is “I’m not dead.” So that kind of ties in with his answer about death and helping people cope with that.

Alan Rickman: There’s no such thing as death. I’m alive! My spirit is alive! Don’t take your human life for granted. Look at me: I followed my heart and became an [thespian] AC-TOR. And aren’t you glad I did?

Will: I am!

Alan Rickman: What would’ve happened if I had told myself “I’m never going to become an actor because…”

Mimi: He’s putting the Stones’ Get Off My Cloud in my head.

Alan Rickman: “Stop daydreaming! Pay your rent like the rest of us, be miserable and unhappy like the rest of us, and go to your office job like the rest of us.” Ridiculous! Just follow your heart and have faith in yourself. The world’s going to be a better place if you follow your heart. Everyone’s going to be happy. You’re going to be happy, everyone’s going to be happy because you’re happy, and so they’re going to be happy and everyone around them is going to be happy. Not that everyone was always happy around me, cause I could be a bit of a prick at times, but still, I was happy.

Mimi: Thank you to everyone who loves him.

Alan Rickman [sarcastic]: Was my death a shock? I am so sorry!

Mimi: [Laughs] He’s funny.

Will: Yeah, I think it was. He kept it secret.

Alan Rickman: Exactly, that’s the type of person I was. You understand that now. Keeping things secret is ok. Keeping things mysterious is ok. You don’t have to be like The Kardashians. And I certainly was not. So thank you to everyone who was grieving me and mourning me, and to everyone who loved me. I felt it, and am still feeling it. And I love you back!

Mimi: And he’s appreciating now how mediumship is a great gateway for the spirit world to express itself. It’s a lot of fun.

Will: Cool. I had fun!

Mimi: Yeah! Kind of don’t want him to leave now, even.

Will: I’m sure he’ll stick around.

Mimi: Feels like he’ll stick around with you.

Will: I’m gonna make that t-shirt that says, “Alan Rickman likes me.” I’m gonna do it!

Mimi: So, he’s saying that whenever you’ll be wearing that shirt, he’s gonna be right there behind you, and he’s gonna go, “It’s true, I really do like him!” [Laughs]

Will: [Laughs] Alright! I’m gonna make him say that every time I wear it. And I’m gonna tell people “Hey I’m a medium, and he told me this, and if you don’t believe me, you can ask him yourself.”

Mimi: I’m seeing him going “I like him!” [Laughs]

Will: How is he with manifestations? Can he move things for me yet? Is it gonna be like “Alan Rickman will levitate this for you. Ready? Go! Boom!”?

Mimi: [Laughs] Oh! He’s calling it “Show and Tell”

Will: Special effects, right? It’s gotta work!

Alan Rickman: Well, that can happen, but the problem when you humans want to do that is when you kind of feel entitled to us ghosts needing to prove something to you.

Will: Yeah.

Alan Rickman: It takes a lot of energy for us to do that, and you have to meet us halfway.

Mimi: Interesting – so he’s saying that you too can also move stuff, and you can do that with him. It can be a collaboration of sorts.

Will: If I wanted to start that…is it just intent?

Alan Rickman: Yes! And practice. You have to believe it.

Will: I think I believe it!

Mimi laughs.

Will: I think there’s a problem with me just saying, “I think.”

Mimi: [Laughs] Yeah. He was gonna point that out.

Will: I caught myself.

Mimi: So if you’re asking him to move shit, it’s asking a lot from him. He needs a lot of energy to do that, so your energy has to be super high to respond to that energy – in that sense. And also, you can’t look at something and go “ok, I’m gonna believe you’re gonna make that move,” because then you have that huge expectation, and that’s gonna turn into a control thing. So it’s very complex, he says.

Alan Rickman: But you’re very smart, Will, you can figure it out.

Will: I got it figured out. I’m gonna make it work. Cool! That’s gonna be my and Alan Rickman’s special mission.

Mimi: [Laughs] That’s great! He likes you a lot!

Will: I’ll put it on my shirt!

Mimi: Yeah. Oh! Yeah that’s right! I didn’t even think about that. He says, “add A Lot!”

Will: I’ll add A lot when I’ve got that checked off my list. When Alan Rickman moves something. And I wanna say both of us, cause I wanna give him 50%.

Alan Rickman: Thank you.

Will: We’re gonna have to do a follow-up with him. Maybe in like six months, a year. We’ll check back in.

Mimi: Yeah!

Alan Rickman: I’m not going anywhere.

Will: Cool!


To be continued!

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