Albert Einstein [video]

einstein punk rock

This is from a private session Mimi did with someone who wanted Einstein to explain mediumship and other occurrences like déjà-vu and premonitions. Obviously, for privacy reasons, the person’s face has been hidden, voices have been altered, and various names and choice words edited out. Instead, you get to see all the “WTF” faces Mimi makes as she tries to wrap her mind around all the amazing mindfuck info she’s receiving!

Albert Einstein explains how everything exists (except time – wrap your brain around that one!), how to look for solutions instead of perpetuating problems (because everything exists, therefore solutions exist), the philosophy of Facebook, science and populism, and how thoughts create matter. The word “equilibrium” is how Mimi’s filter translated the gist of what he was trying to explain.

During the conversation, we also spoke to philosopher David Hume, which is why you hear us mention his name a few times.

Please remember mediumship is the intuitive act of translating energy and vibrations. Received thoughts, especially complex thoughts such as the ones discussed in this session, always get filtered by the medium’s mind, and Mimi’s mind is anything but scientific. Everything is about perspective, to quote the man himself.

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