Amelia Earhart [video]

“Is it Amelia Earhart?”

Well this was an exciting one for us, firstly because Mimi correctly identified a spirit for the first time, after simply hearing the name “Amelia Earhart.” Party!

Secondly, this bad ass lady was a joy to channel and interview. She came off as very liberal-minded and proud, with a very sensual side as well.

Amelia talked to us about doing what the hell you want and not allowing others to get in your way or tell you it’s “impossible” – which in her case was a lot of men. She of course talks about her death and why some people die in mysterious ways or why some deaths remain unresolved. It should be noted that after this session, Mimi continued her conversation with Amelia and when asked where her body was now, she heard Amelia say “in the sea.”

Amelia also spoke to us in great lengths about freedom and being “disobedient.” An amazing woman who had no cares what people thought of her, and neither should you. “Love all aspects of who you are.”


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