Anton LaVey, Church of Satan founder [video]


Anton LaVey is the founder of the Church of Satan, and we were interested in his lavish personality and perspective on the merits of blending the occult with Satan – a link that is still unfortunately too often made – and on what Satanism is to begin with, besides being just another religion with a set of rules and an authority to worship. We’re certainly aware of how people’s perceptions of anything extra sensory can be automatically feared or associated with the “devil,” so we’re always careful ourselves to not project any negative assumptions about other religious or spiritual beliefs. Anton was pretty quick to point out to Mimi when she was being too judgemental with her questions or comments.

Anton answered our questions about his Church, rituals and ritualistic murders, energy vs. science, and revealed to us how most of the time, he was just on a big ego trip, making shit up as he went along. [We later dug up some interviews with his daughter, who confirmed most of what Will channeled in this regard to be correct.] Anton also gave us his perspective now on who or what Satan is. Hint: we are the ones who influence or manipulate energy.

Will was, as always, his usual awesome self, guessing right off the bat that Mimi wanted him to interview a “cooky religious leader” and getting a strong sense of Anton’s physical traits. “Probably my favourite Satanist, I guess.”



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