Bob Marley [video]

This has been quite the humbling experience for both Mimi and guest contributor Lana Holmes. As Mimi mentions, she wasn’t a fan of Marley – but after this session, she realized this was because she had been exposed to his music in her 20s – when her heart was into garage punk – through the barrage of white hippy students with dread locks that were everywhere in Montreal in the 90s. She didn’t realize that 20 years later, she was still associating him with that in her mind, and it made her aware of certain prejudices she was still carrying. This session opened her heart, eyes and ears to the man, spiritual leader, activist, humanitarian and wonderful artist that is Bob Marley.

Bob Marley came through as a happy, calm and wise energy, armed with an incredible sense of humour. He made it quite clear from the get-go that Lana was what drew him to Psychic Punx, and throughout the session, his words seemed to constantly be directed at her. Rastafari is still very much an important aspect of who he is in spirit – Mimi’s first language being French, the thought “Rastafari” filtered through her brain in French as Rastafa-ree. Mimi felt this was someone who had a deep knowledge and understanding of theology, and this open-mindedness was felt and heard throughout the session.

He acknowledged there was a disparity between what his music and image bring in financially vs. what was or is actually received, and we found that this comment was possibly linked to a dispute between his family and Universal Music. He even encouraged us to purchase records and merchandise from Jamaican bootleggers or through his family directly, rather than through the music industry.

Throughout the entire session, he encouraged us to open up our awareness to others: other cultures and other religious or spiritual views, to understand what others are fighting for. He encouraged us to preach to our tribe rather than try to impose our views on others – in that the more people join in together, the more opposing sides become aware of that voice, and that’s how you start a revolution. “Fight with love.”

If you’ve ever heard a Bob Marley song seemingly coming from out of nowhere, please let us know about it!!

This is undeniably one of our favourite sessions so far. This session went for 2 hours but we edited it down to approximately 60 minutes. We’ll be posting exclusive extra clips from this session on our YouTube channel in the next weeks.


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