Brian Jones [video]



Brian Jones showed up during Keith Moon‘s interview, sat next to Alison and made her blush at the thought that a member of The Stones was hanging out! We asked him to come back a few days later and quickly realized he had a bit of a “difficult” personality. Alison was meant to channel him, but Brian had made up his own mind and decided it would be Mimi. This was his way of giving us a taste of his personality and showing us he needed to do things a certain way.

Brian talked about his strong OCD and perfectionist personality and how that affected every aspect of his life, going as far as suggesting to us that it also potentially led to his demise. He playfully led us into an awesome, “heated” discussion on “why Keith Richard is still alive,” and everyone’s varying perceptions of him and his drug use, which are sometimes based in judgement, and how this also relates to our views on death. Brian joked with us about being “the prettiest one in the band,” sniffin’ coke, his jealous feelings for Mick Jagger, and how he is learning to “not be an arsehole” in the afterlife. He also referred to his death as “the stupidest death in Rock and Roll history.” We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did.