Buster Keaton [video]


Sometimes, we are just big fan girls/fan boys, and this is one of those times. Mimi gets to interview one of her favourite people in the whole world, Buster Keaton.

Michael Christopher is a mediumship student studying under Mimi’s mentorship. Having no previous knowledge of who Buster Keaton was, he did an amazing job of laying down basic and specific information about Buster’s cause of passing, family life, and his overall personality. Buster’s sense of humour also comes of just as dry and dead pan as one would imagine – so much so that it sometimes caught Michael off guard. We also later learned that Buster was painfully shy and hated interviews.

We of course asked Buster about his fearless, sometimes death-defying stunts and were shocked to learn he didn’t really prepare them as meticulously as one would imagine – it was more an unrehearsed, “hope it works out” kinda deal. After doing some post-interview research, we realized this turned out to be correct information. When asked how he pulled some of his most amazing stunts and camera tricks, Buster preferred to keep the magic going and jokingly attributed it instead to an “ancient Chinese secret.” Mimi has had similar experiences channeling Buster, getting answers that are more aligned with “the magic/laughter is more important than how it’s done.” #whatever

Buster talked to us about the importance of always being true to yourself and authentic – something that was important to him in his career and lifetime, as someone whose visionary and over-the-top filmmaking found less of an audience and interest from producers after the silent era. That got us into a discussion on how it isn’t always easy to be our true selves with everyone.

As a mediumship student, Michael Christopher did an amazing job. Throughout the interview, Mimi tries to discredit Michael’s received impressions just because in her view, it was impossible for a filmmaker to make precise movies and stunts like Buster did without some form of planning, but after some post-research, everything turned out 100% correct. Michael also got glimpses of Buster’s emotional distance and reluctance to reveal too much of himself, and you can actually see Michael trying to figure out if he’s the problem – “I’m not getting a lot of animation.”

We had a lot of fun with Buster, hope you do too!

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