David Bowie [video]

“My death was a gift to you.”

If you have followed this session from the beginning, starting with our Muhammad Ali channeling, you will remember that both Mimi and Michael had Bowie on their minds. David Bowie was graceful and kind with us, and it dawned on us later that this was someone who sought balanced in everything, an energy that also prevailed in our session with him.

Michael started the session, but at half point, David requested to be channeled through Mimi so that they could both have the experience, and for Bowie’s energy to come through both a male and female perspective. He also suggested questions to ask him at times when things were getting too focused on one subject, so as to change the energy. This is someone who obviously loved to lead and be in control, but who made everyone feel involved.

We started the session with our regular questions, establishing his characteristics, regrets, misconceptions people may have of him, his sexuality, etc. We spoke to a very humble man who was very generous with his money and sometimes distraught by other people’s suffering, especially children. When came time for Mimi to channel him, we asked questions about his death and why were there, in appearance, so many celebrity passings in 2016? He reminded us that David Bowie showed us, through the many aspects of his personalities, that life is about renewal, and that death is a natural aspect of our lives – the final aspect of his that he wanted to express. It was important that he leave us with this final gift, he said. After his take on celebrity culture and the 2016 deaths (a “spiritual perspective on that” he said), Bowie led us back to music, and talked about his love for the 80s and what an important decade it was for him, including Tin Machine, and how he thought Prince was perfection.

This is a longer one with a slower build, as Bowie seemed to be very thoughtful of all the answers he was to provide to us. Thank and enjoy the Bowisdom!

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