Edith Piaf [video]

FRANCE – 1950: Edith Piaf (1915-1963), French singer. (Photo by Gaston Paris/Roger Viollet/Getty Images)

While this is our Valentine’s Day special offering, this channelled session was recorded back in the fall, right before our Prince session. It was also our guest Michael Christopher‘s first session for Psychic Punx. Michael was able to describe Edith Piaf physically and emotionally, without prior knowledge of who she was. The only thing Mimi revealed to him was that she was a singer.

Edith Piaf’s life was marked by tragedies, loss, great sadness and ill health. Her songs and voice are filled with intense, gut chattering emotions and melancholia, but also with great hope and joy. We asked how she dealt with tragedy, loss, fame, and how she managed to offer that genuine vulnerability up on a stage without completely exhausting herself (or is that in part what happened?). How does one deal with a life that seems to consistently break your heart, especially when you are profoundly sensitive and passionate like Edith? The answer is with more love.

Michael tuned in to a spirit that was generous, gentle, happy, sociable, and eager to answer our questions, with joy and gratitude.

Happy Valentine’s day from the Psychic Punx team! It’s a day for love, so start with yourself.

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