Elvis Presley [video]


A few days before this interview, Mimi felt Elvis Presley around her a lot. She saw him in her third eye, saw his name everywhere and felt his energy around her. She felt Alison might be experiencing the same thing, and asked “have you got Elvis around you?”Alison said “As a matter of fact yes, he’s been hanging around me for a few days now!” So we decided to give him the Psychic Punx special treatment, because, y’know…it’s Elvis! If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know we also decided to include fan questions for this interview! Elvis was keen on answering them and you’ll see that special segment during the last half of the interview. Both Alison and Mimi decided to channel him, and both agreed that his energy was so strong and loving, that some of the thoughts he was sending them were too grand for human words to even try to express. His energy was also so strong that Alison could not channel him for too long, because she was quickly overwhelmed with a sore throat and a lot of physical unpleasantness. Mimi also felt him physically and got a severe case of the chills at one point, during which Alison caught and videotaped his energy as she saw it on her screen. Elvis talked to us about sex, creativity (he’s kind of big on those two themes), purity, self-love and self-care, and answers some conspiracy questions. He also told us what his “special mission” is now up there, and it made Alison shed a few tears, to which he replied “I’ve made more than one woman cry, and here’s another one.” We found him to be a joyful, loving soul who loves to laugh, wink and joke around. We hope you’ll enjoy this special interview. And if that wasn’t enough, Buddy Holly also showed up! Enjoy.

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