Freddie Mercury [video]

It’s been a few weeks (uh, ok months!) since our last spirit session, and that’s because Mimi and Michael Christopher have begun an intensive, year-long mediumship training. We are learning a new technique, which basically consists of the medium telling the spirit’s life story based on the emotions the medium is feeling, rather than what we do in our regular YouTube sessions, which is to ask spirits a series of detached questions and express their answers. Obviously, channeling well-known spirits on YouTube is completely different than doing a traditional mediumship session with someone’s passed loved ones, and so it was interesting for us to try and apply this technique to Psychic Punx and see how it would work. That’s why in the first part of this video, you see Mimi and Michael discussing “how” they are going to proceed with the session: should we do the regular questions or just tell Freddie’s story by tuning in to his energy and expressing what feelings come through. Mimi chose to try the latter, and once she managed to do that, Michael proceeded with some questions.

In telling a spirit’s story, Mimi blends with the spirit and expresses how the spirit is making her feel, with the understanding that the feelings are not hers, but the spirit’s. She is not having a conversation with the spirit, only expressing feelings and impressions that are received. This method allows spirits to express who they were without the medium controlling the information that is shared through a series of questions. When the reading is more focused on questions, the spirit follows that intention, and in that context, Mimi receives the answers as either clear thoughts or impressions. Although the first part allows a medium to establish the connection, we think the questionnaire seems to encourage more banter and that it tends to bring out more of a spirit’s personality traits, and in this case, Freddie’s natural humour was more deeply felt through the answers he gave to our questions.

There certainly are no coincidences when it comes to Psychic Punx, as we don’t chose who to do our sessions with – these spirits chose to work with us and to be a part of what we do. This type of reading experiment seemed perfect for Freddie Mercury, who came off to Mimi as a very shy and reserved man, but comfortable with someone once he got to know them. Throughout the entire session, she could feel his guardedness – this is not someone who would necessarily bare all in interviews, but who would still keep things funny and friendly. Freddie Mercury did not have mind-blowing, deep wisdom to share – that’s just not his style – he simply wanted to express love for his fans and ended the session by asking us to treat celebrities with respect – a final message that feels linked to the media’s incessant curiosity about his personal life throughout his career. Freddie also very generously indulged Michael in answering questions about the afterlife. We boiled this down to 30 minutes as it went on for much longer, and we will publish more clips throughout the next year.

Mimi is currently preparing a move to Montreal and getting her shit together, including working on a new website for Psychic Punx, so please be patient throughout the next few months.

Happy Holidays!

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