George Carlin [video]



Here’s someone we were not expecting to show up “uninvited”: George Carlin! He explained to us that “assholes like him” still had a lot to talk about, but the downside to that now is that he has to use fucking mediums to do it. So he seeks out “the best looking ones.”

George talks about the 99.9% of idiots in the world that he had an issue with (including mediums and spiritual people), how he saw God as a “sadistic, fascist  asshole” – and shares his views on God and spirituality now. George was direct and loved letting us have it when he thought our questions were idiotic, and even went on a rant about how spiritual people are a “pain in the ass” (we kind of agree with him.)

George also talks about channelling anger and staying informed to stop “getting fucked over.”

George has stayed with Mimi to help her find humour in recent personal life events – and he delivered. Try it out. Enjoy George Carlin!

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