GG Allin [video]

“When can we talk about shit?”

The man people have called the “Charles Manson of Rock and Roll” is to this day one of the most transgressive musician and artist in the history of popular culture. Some consider him the worst artist who’s ever recorded, others worship him. Well this is Psychic Punx, so no surprise here: we love GG Allin! We were eager to find out about his perspective on his life from the other side. Turns out GG had a lot to teach us, namely about how some spirits can’t evolve after a certain point, because it is not part of their essence, persona and energy to do that. Namely, GG spoke of his father and his inability to forgive him, and how that was ok. The energy and spirit that is GG Allin is still GG Allin, with more depth and perspective, but who embraces all of who he was, with no desire to become some sort of fucking wise or evolved spirit guru, as that is just not who GG was and is. GG’s the kind of ghost who haunted his dad and gave him a hard time after his death in 1993 (his dad died in 2001).

On a spiritual level, GG Allin is an interesting artist and person: he believed in total freedom of self, that his soul was too wild for his own body and that he would leave at his peak. As an artist who did not fear death, he more than often said his departure from this world should be at his peak moment during one of his shows, which meant every show came with the “threat” of GG taking his own life on stage. He had a belief in the afterlife and the eternity of his soul, and approached art, mortality and life with the same energy – it was all one and the same for him, so you might as well take everything to the highest level possible.

His nihilist and “no taboo” personality was shocking to many, because it came with a lot of violence, both in his lyrics and performances, and we asked him about that. Why was GG the way he was, and what was the importance of shock value for him. You’ll hear GG say through Will a few times, “I just did want I wanted.” He recognizes now that his persona came with a different type of brain wiring.

GG Allin is proud of the work he’s done and that he is remembered for his violent stage antics – including the scatology – as he we was here to show us what it’s like to go to extremes, and with that comes inspiration for others, especially artists, who feel limited in what they do or can express. The worth of shock value for him was to create a feeling and reaction in people, and he even told us he was surprised when people came back to see his shows!

GG Allin is open for talking to anyone who wants his help for “whatever,” but don’t bother if you’re a rich dude in a suit, says GG. Mimi spoke to GG Allin twice in spirit: the first time he was all GG, with blunt answers. The second time was to just reconnect with him before this interview, and he was calm, kind and generous, just as he was with Will. A nice insight on the double-sided depth and aspects of this fascinating spirit. ENJOY!

Mimi had two spirits in mind for Will for this session, and asked whichever one wanted to be heard to step up. Will started getting impressions from GG that Mimi validated, which is why you hear Mimi say things like “the other one’s out the door.”

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