Harvey Milk [video]


In these scary post-election times, Mimi thought of bringing in Harvey Milk to talk about tolerance and how conflict can actually accelerate the expansion of our world’s consciousness.

Without any prior knowledge of who Harvey Milk is, William started the session by correctly identifying his cause of passing, how his homosexuality was a crucial part of his purpose (“He was the first gay something'”), and his physical attributes. You won’t be able to see Harvey without seeing Dick Tracy’s Flattop anymore!

Harvey talked in great lengths about the importance of “attacking with love” when your worth is diminished by others or by hateful groups, meaning to own everything that you are and to fearlessly BE this person. We asked him about the Orlando shooting, transgender murders that reached a record high in 2016, and what his perspective on the current state of our world is. He is as awe inspiring in spirit as he was in his lifetime, that’s for sure.

We had some audio difficulties for this one, so bear with us. Enjoy!

P.S. If you haven’t seen Milk with Sean Penn, you should go and do that.

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