Huey P. Newton (Black Panther Party) [Video]

After a month off to travel and attend a mediumship workshop with James Van Praagh and another with Andy Byng and Cindy Kaza, Mimi is back at it – although visibly still tired from her trips!

Lana Holmes brought in one of the founders of the Black Panther Party, Dr. Huey P. Newton. The first impression he shared with Mimi, before she was told who Huey P. Newton was or did, was the sense that this was a brave soul who fought for people at war time.

Obviously, we veered from our usual questionnaire for this session, as Lana took the opportunity to ask him about current events and personal, sometimes touching questions about how to deal with racism and the stress of current events. Huey often brought in his perspective through contrasts, such as the way things are now vs. how they were back in his day, and suggested that the greatest tool now available to the people is social media, which he invited Lana and anyone listening to use for taking action and engaging in conversations. His perspective on current events, although thought-provoking and seeped in wisdom, still has a controversial edge to it, as this is someone who comes from the perspective that things cannot change if you don’t shake things up.

He gave us his perspective on Black Lives Matter as well as the Charlottesville riots, and even made Mimi react after extending an arm out, in an act of total compassion, to one of the men famously depicted in the Neo-Nazi march, as a gesture of thanks for allowing people to see the face of racism. He then led us to his perspective on why some “white folk” are angry: “because they have been lied to” by their education system and governments. He also spoke out about how he feels the Black Panther Party has been romanticized throughout the years, which in his view distances people from the reality of what happened.

Although this is someone who is still very passionate and politically-minded, Huey’s sense of empathy and ability to see another’s point of view showed us how deeply wise and sensitive his spirit was and is, at his core. He encouraged us to not see people as opinions – which is currently what he says is dividing his country, via the media taking sides – but as humans with a story to share. He especially showed immense empathy to Lana, and took the time to encourage and empower her with a personal message about her spiritual beliefs. And his final message about claiming your spirit made us tear up!

We are proud and happy to have sat with this outstanding spirit, and we hope to have conveyed his energy, essence and messages as best as we could.