Alice in Chain’s Layne Staley [video]

layne 5

If you’ve read up about the Psychic Punx mediums, you might already know that William Adley has been connecting with Layne Staley for a while now, but this is the first time Will actually got to interview him.
Layne presented himself to us as a fragile soul who was still healing from his life and learning to open up. This was a fascinating interview for us as well because we learned that some spirits can feel inadequate answering some of our questions. Mimi felt Layne’s anxiety at times when some of our “deeper” questions were asked, or when William reached out to him to ask his opinion on various subjects or how his fans could connect with him. Kurt Cobain briefly dropped in during the interview to watch, just when Layne was explaining how being sensitive and inhibited made it hard for him to fully embrace being in the public eye all the time. This video is available in video format only – be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channelfor more videos! Thanks for watching, enjoy!

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