Lee Hazlewood [video]

Here is one of Mimi’s musical heroes, the enigmatic “psychedelic cowboy” Lee Hazlewood. Lee famously wrote These Boots are Made For Walking – a song that could have well served as an early retirement, but Lee was a true artist and genius who continued releasing masterpieces throughout the 70s without anyone raising an eyebrow, until a well-deserved indie revival 20 years later thrusted him back to cult hero status. Lee’s unique production methods also inspired Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound.”

Lee Hazlewood was a recluse and an extremely private man who despised journalists and interviews. For this reason, many things have been speculated about him, and so it was harder than usual for us to do our routine post-interview fact checking. The day following Michael’s session, Mimi ended up buying the book “Lee, Myself and I” (an amazing read!), by Wyndham Wallace, Hazlewood’s publicist in the late 90s, just to have a few things validated, and realized among other things that the crude humour and impatience Michael Christopher had felt and received from Lee throughout the channeled session was an understatement, to say the least.

Lee Hazlewood did not bore us with any deep spiritual bullshit – instead we got crude jokes about his penis size, music industry “dickheads” and that “son of a bitch” Frank Sinatra. Michael captured Lee’s deep frustration when having to compromise, and his “perpetual bachelor” energy (although we found out he married three times), one who always wondered where to go next. We indulged and asked Lee questions about his creative techniques and music, for which Michael received the impression that most of it was in part thanks to Lee’s lack of formal training in music – it was allegedly never done with an intent to be different or unique.

Michael also kept hearing the name “Britney Spears,” which we later realized could have been Lee’s way of relating to Nancy Sinatra or Jessica Simpsons, who also covered These Boots a few years ago.

We had a lot of fun with this guy – enjoy!

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