Leonard Nimoy [video]


This beautiful man had been in Will’s mind for a while, so he naturally stepped up when Will sent out an intention to spirits for someone to come forward for an interview. Mimi does not “guess” spirits as easily as Will does – she’s more secure knowing who is there, and once that’s set she’s better able to create a firm connection. Spirits are energetically drawn to us via our thoughts and intentions, so when we try to guess instead of focusing on our feelings, it can inadvertently draw to us whomever it is we’re thinking of – and Mimi easily falls in that trap! It’s a great exercise in focus and intent!

Leonard Nimoy did a really cool thing: he gave Mimi clues and symbolic references that related to Spock, which is what Will had requested him to do (we’ve figured out that spirits will happily play along and provide the type of clues we ask to help the other medium get a better idea of who it is)!

Leonard came off as a really kind, stand up, positive guy who enjoyed his life to the fullest, and we felt that this deep joy for life made it really hard for him to cope with old age and disease towards the end. He brought up smoking a few times (we realized after this interview that he had been very vocal about the perils of smoking, before his death), something that was once a pleasure but that inevitably brought him pain, and gave us some wisdom on the aging process, his life as Spock, the geeky fans, life on other planets, and how it was important for him to separate Spock from Leonard. And, turns out he didn’t care as much about Spock as the Trekkies hoped he did, sorry dudes. And of course, William Shatner!

This one was right after Anton LaVey, the Church of Satan founder, so Leonard had sumthin to say about what he considered to be evil shit.

“There’s a limit to how many blue pills you can take” #GoodtimeswithLeonard




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