Marie-Antoinette [strong sexual content – video]


“Is it the Queen of France?”

For this interview, Will achieved his best performance so far of “guessing” who the mystery spirit was.  Mimi usually picks a spirit for Will to channel, then asks the spirit to hang around Will on the day of the interview, so that Will can knowingly start tuning into its energy and feel out who the “mystery spirit” is. This is done through intention, as Will knows there is a spirit around him and he consciously becomes more aware of energy and symbols he notices throughout his day. This particular interview is a great example of how spirits enjoy playing with us and sending us clues about their identity by using references they know will lead us to the right conclusions. In this case, the name “Marie-Antoinette” was not necessarily part of Will’s references, so the infinite intelligence of the spirit world drew Will to her through other leads. She also appeared to Will as two split personalities: young and playful Marie-Antoinette, and Marie-Antoinette as the Queen.

The spirit world is free of judgement or ego and thus does not have any hang-ups about any subject. So we took advantage of Marie-Antoinette’s free spirit and playful personality to ask about sex in the spirit world! Do spirits have sex? What it is like? Is it wakka chikka wakka chikka sexy, like porn? And is there porn up there? Everything you’ve always wanted to know about ghost sex and were afraid to ask, we basically asked.

M-A also talks about her frustrations of not being taken seriously as a Queen, the amazing parties she threw, the importance of being authentic even if that means being judged as a slut or weirdo, and that time she haunted everyone who was at her execution. Oh, and alien predictions!

We had previously just interviewed Grigorio Rasputin, which is why you might hear us mention his name. Enjoy!

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