Muhammad Ali [video]

“Call me Precious”

As our first official channeling session of 2017, Mimi wanted to bring in someone who had passed in 2016 and who could possibly provide us with a more global, consciousness perspective on such a polarizing year that, for some, was also quite a traumatizing one. Mimi had asked David Bowie, who had been lurking for a while, to please join us and go hang around medium Michael Christopher, for him to sense his energy. If you are familiar with Psychic Punx by now, you know we enjoy keeping what we do transparent by never letting the other medium know who we want them to channel: that shit is discovered on the spot during our sessions.

This time however, Mimi had a strong feeling that Michael possibly also wanted her to channel David Bowie (which turned out to be correct), and she sent him a FB messages saying “I think we may have the same spirit – I’ll find a plan B if that’s the case.” Muhammad Ali then made his presence known to Mimi on the day the channeling session was to take place, but because that was around the Holidays, things ended up getting cancelled and rescheduled a few times. By the time the session took place, it was a new year, and Mimi had time to grow some nervous feelings about possibly channelling Muhammad Ali, upon sensing the intensity of his messages and energy. Mimi’s way of doing mediumship is to merge with a spirit’s energy, and the thought of “becoming” Muhammad Ali made her feel small. For this, Muhammad teased her and called her “Little Girl.”

Mimi ended up opening up quickly to him however, as this gentle, beautiful, kind soul kept talking straight through her heart. Muhammad gave us plenty of his outstanding wisdom, including his thoughts on 2016 (“2016 is a gift!”), why we should stop whining about it – and delivered a love-filled speech for anyone out there who is depressed or feeling love is lost on them. Lots of talk on the “rich white man,” the system, and how fighting is a positive thing, because it’s about honour and courage.

Thanks for watching, enjoy!

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