Pablo Escobar [video]


Pablo Escobar showed up around the time Mimi was getting ready to watch the 2nd season of Narcos on Netflix. She became interested in him but hadn’t “officially” called out to him. Spirits don’t really need us to do that, as they respond to our intentions and thoughts. He showed up briefly before our Rasputin interview, when Mimi was trying to tune in to Will’s spirit and instead heard “Pablo.” She initially thought it was Pablo Picasso, but he quickly added “gangster” for her to make the connection. He had been impatiently waiting his turn since, and unfortunately for him, we made him go last, so Will’s energy became impatient and restless!

Pablo Escobar touched upon the very delicate and controversial subject of what happens to cold-blooded drug lords when they pass, and got philosophical about the nature of death and murder. Will did a good job of capturing Pablo’s charisma, the importance of his morals and values as a family man, his religious beliefs, and took it up a notch by channeling Pablo’s very wise soul perspective.

Pablo also gave us his funny opinion on the series Narcos, the state of today’s drug trafficking, and told us how he is often called for help by people who still look up to him as a saviour and guide.

This interview might not be to everyone’s taste – please remember that we don’t ever judge spirits. We are interested in knowing every spirit’s perspective on their lives regardless of who they are or what they did, including assholes and vilains. The interview we did just before Pablo was with Mikao Usui, the creator of Reiki, so that was a fun contrast!

P.S. We realized after this interview that it is still unknown who shot Pablo Escobar. Will felt that Pablo was strongly hinting towards betrayal, or an “inside job.”


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