Pablo Picasso [video]

Pablo Picasso did not do anything magical or special to get into our thoughts this time, as spirits often do – sometimes us Psychic Punx mediums will be so opened and aligned with each other, we’ll just know or get a sense of who we’ll be interviewing. Not this time. One of the great things about doing mediumship is realizing how little we sometimes know about a specific “celebrity” spirit – which is the point, as we want our filter to be as clear as possible so as to not let any pre-conceived notions or perceptions we may have of someone get in the way. Picasso mockingly acted “insulted” when asked questions like what his greatest quality was, or what he was here to learn. That came with a jovial wink, and he made sure to tell us to move on to another question when things became too depressing.

Picasso was a joy and wonderful spirit to channel. He came off as happy and jovial, impatient and passionate, but with a deep sense of humour. Similar to Prince, he is proud of his work and encouraged us to be proud of what we do, too.

Mimi caught many glimpses of Pablo, including his deep anguish feelings about the rise of fascism, his complex relationships with women and how that affected his art, and how some of those feelings, including anger, were subtly included in his pieces. She also felt he had a learning disability that had to with words, and although that feeling or impression was difficult to express, we later realized he had dyslexia and was more than likely trying to impress that feeling on Mimi. He also impressed upon her a possible bipolar disorder, and how not being aware of it was a blessing for him.

Picasso passionately tried to impart some wisdom on us about being bold and not being afraid to express ourselves.


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