Prince [video]


Obviously, this man needs no introduction!

One who does, however, is Michael Christopher! Michael is currently studying mediumship under Mimi’s mentorship, and so she invited him to join her for a Psychic Punx session, during which he brilliantly channelled Édith Piaf – we’ll be posting that very soon! It’s certainly not easy for budding mediums to put themselves out there, so naturally, Michael was a little nervous – give this man a huge round of applause!

Prince kind of blew our socks off, and used our platform and Mimi’s energy to share insights on sexuality and spirituality (yes, both these things can and should mingle – if anyone taught us that, it’s him), feminism, claiming your sexiness, knowing and proudly expressing your worth & how this should not be confused with narcissism, understanding and claiming your higher power, channelled inspiration, and how to shake off self-imposed or social limitations. He also gave us some mind expansive insights on how collective consciousness/infinite intelligence/God/whateveryouwantocallit serve us, and not the other way around – and how the universe is basically one giant inspiration pool that helps itself evolve.

“Sex on two sexy feet.”

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