Jeff Buckley [video]

One of the fun things about Psychic Punx is that all our mediums have different music tastes and backgrounds. In the 90s, Mimi was more interested in garage rock and Britpop than grunge or other related artists. So she’s PP’s go-to medium for any American artists from that period, while William Adley is the go-to medium for British punk or new wave artists. Our lack of or limited knowledge about them helps us start with a fresh perspective or clear filter, since our mind doesn’t get clouded by pre-conceived ideas and perceptions.

Mimi’s only knowledge of Jeff Buckley was his work with the Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser. The main thing she felt throughout the session was his great humility, kindness and tender heart, and most importantly, his beautiful sense of humour. He enjoyed challenging nearly all of our questions or making fun of them in a friendly way, and consistently stopped us from putting him on a pedestal or treating him as someone more special than us, showing us his very grounded approach to life, himself, his music, and all things spiritual. His answers came in differently than any other spirit Mimi has ever channeled before: the first response usually came through with a lot of feelings and emotions, then the answer – which was sometimes slow to come – was either metaphorical or poetic in nature, or extremely direct.

Thanks to Psychic Punx contributor Lana Holmes for bringing in this beautiful soul. Count Mimi in as a new fan.

We did a session with Anais Nin right before Jeff, which is why you hear us mention her name at times. Mimi’s computer crashed some time after this interview; the original video containing Anais’ session has so far been lost, including a few other Psychic Punx related files. This interview somehow managed to be retrieved.

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