Rasputin [video]



This is probably one of the strangest yet coolest interviews we’ve done so far. Rasputin almost completely merged with Mimi and proceeded to creep Will out with his deep, focused stares and intense answers, which made us laugh and giggle like school girls. Rasputin also made a point of letting Mimi know the intense stares would help with her “focus issues” (that lasted about 20 minutes. A for effort though, Raspie). The interview got off to a slow start, with Will having to change computers, and was interspersed with an on/off Skype connection. We blame Ras’.

Mimi’s way of connecting is different to Will’s – she is consistently open to spirits and for this reason is less inclined to figure out in advance who Will wishes to interview, as so many well-known figures come to her to request interviews whenever she “opens the gates.” She had heard Rasputin tell her he was some official Russian guy, but when he gave her the name “Vladimir Putin” as a clue, she dismissed it as a prank. Once the spirit’s name is known however, the connection is set and Mimi can easily merge with the individual’s energy, which allows her to take in personality traits and various quirks or gestures.

Rasputin schooled us about what it takes to be a myth and bigger than life, and how he believed he had healing powers, while making a point of cluing us in on the “placebo effect” as well. He was intuitive enough to know what people wanted to hear and referred to it as a “performance.” This guy is happy about the mythical stories people still believe about him! Although he came off as someone who was kind of full of himself, he expressed it more to Mimi as a strong self-assuredness and faith that allowed him to be the person he wanted to be (and even used The Fonz as a reference!) and how he is happy to be regarded as a positive, mythical historical figure.

P.S. to Will: They’re called the Tsar and Tsarina. 😉


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