Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious

This guy! Sid Vicious (of The Sex Pistols, in case you’ve been living under a rock) is very important to Psychic Punx. He is basically the one who encouraged Mimi to create this site. Let’s rewind: when Mimi was first dabbling in mediumship and learning to clearly connect with spirits, she noticed how Sid’s energy and name kept popping up in her mind and before her eyes. She saw him and his name everywhere, and if you are a little familiar with mediumship and energy work, you might already know that this is how spirits try to connect with us and tell us “I’m here!” – they get right under our noses until we notice them. Mimi connected with him and realized he was around to help her stop consuming alcohol, which was affecting her energy work. Before telling anyone about her communications with Sid, Mimi kept feeling drawn to William Adley and getting nudges to connect with him for a reading, during which William suddenly asked “who is Sid Vicious? he’s all fucking punk rock, wow!” Sid had stepped forward to let Mimi know he WAS there – it wasn’t her imagination – to stop doubting her skills, and to go ahead with her idea to create this website, Psychic Punx. “Damn right you’re gonna do this! I was the first one so I got dibs.” Immediately after that, she tested the waters and posted her own interview with him on her website, and found that he was not just a funny joker who liked to kid around, he was also a very deep soul. He’s quite direct and opinionated about music – and even told William during that first reading to “stop thinking about Green Day, faggot. That’s not punk” – but he’s also passionate about helping people release their addictions and be who they are meant to be. We didn’t interview him first like he asked, but it was well worth the wait: Sid Vicious basically gave us one of the most mind blowing interviews we’ve had so far, especially on the topics of parallel lives and probabilities. He also talks about Nancy (of course), their deaths, his regrets, “Super” Sid Vicious, today’s music industry (“it sucks”), and the various choices he made. We love Sid, and we hope you’ll enjoy! Oh and yeah: he’s fucking enlightened!


Mimi: So do you know who I want you to interview? Have you been able to guess or feel?

William:  No, I just set up [my computer] and I’m just getting in the zone, so I have no idea who’s here yet. Just tell me if it’s a guy or a girl.

Mimi: It’s a guy. I can just tell you who it is! It’s Sid.

William: Oh, you want me to do Sid? All right!

Mimi: I just feel he deserves an actual Psychic Punx interview. Do you know a lot about him?

William: I don’t know a lot about him really, as far as life and stuff goes.

Mimi: Ok. Cause he’s really excited! [Laughs]

Sid Vicious: Fuckin’ finally!

William: He pops in now and then. He’s always dropping the “roit’s”.

Mimi: When he pops in, sometimes that’s me asking him to visit you in the hopes that we’ll do his interview soon!

William: Well message received, then. He’s been popping in and out, so good. I can feel my head tingling, so I know he’s around. Might be a slow build to get his personality, but he’s here.

Sid Vicious [impatient]: I’m here!

William [laughs]: I know he’s here, I got him.

Mimi: Hi Sid!

Sid Vicious: Hey!

Mimi: I’m so happy we’re doing this. He was supposed to be the first, he keeps telling me that. So describe your personality to us in one word, Sid Vicious.

William: It’s an “R” word. You said one, but he’s giving me three. Like “raunchy”…?

Mimi: Is he giving you the Brit slang?

William: He’s giving me his sneer, it’s like a Billy Idol sneer.

Mimi: Well, Billy Idol got that from him! Ok “raunchy,” I can accept that, Sid. It feels like he’s trying to give you more.

William: He is, he’s giving me more and I’m trying to put it into words. I’m getting the feelings and not the words, so I’m trying to translate that for you. But…it’s like righteousness, rude and raunchy at the same time? Whatever word is all three of those.

Mimi: The three “R’s”. Those three words are perfect for him.

William: Good.

Mimi: Ok, what was your greatest challenge?

Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious: Saying no. I said yes a lot to a lot of things. Drugs, and doing the wrong things with the wrong people.  People that shouldn’t have enabled me in that way, cause I looked up to them. I wouldn’t have assumed that a lot of the bad stuff would have been bad for me cause it came from people I trusted. So that was a lesson and something I wish I’d seen a little clearer, that I could’ve said no to a lot of this stuff. But at the same time, it was a fun ride!

Mimi: I got that exactly, just as you said it. “But hey, it was fun!” What was your greatest quality?

Sid Vicious: I was fun to be around.

Mimi: What were you here to learn?

Sid Vicious: How to live a life with control, by not having any control.

Mimi: Phew! Ok. That’s not easy.

Sid Vicious: No. I had a fun ride, but I did it the wrong way so that I could look back and see all those choices and what they meant.

Mimi: Wow, ok. So he’s coming to you the same way he comes to me, meaning he’s Sid fucking Vicious, but he’s also very enlightened.

Sid Vicious: You’re asking deep questions, so you’re getting deep answers. I’m being Sid Vicious with my robe and cap, but if they were lighter questions I would swear my fucking ass off and have fun.

Mimi: You can swear your ass off and have fun with us as much as you like!

Sid Vicious [to Mimi]: I’m waiting for Will.

William: Will is slow energy right now, so…that’s probably what it is. [Laughs]

Mimi [Laughs]: Ok, what was your life purpose?

William: I’m getting “entertainment.” Not just with the band and the music he did, but just to entertain people.

Mimi: And that you did. Congratulations.

Sid Vicious: Yeah, I did a fucking good job, too!

Mimi: There he is! What are you most proud of?

William: Believe it or not, he’s most proud of his relationships. I see a blonde girl with him. I’m gonna assume that’s his girlfriend, though I don’t know her name.

Mimi: It’s Nancy Spungen.

William: Ok, thank you. He’s pretty proud of that relationship.

Mimi: Why is he proud of that relationship?

Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious: I made it work…for a while. It shouldn’t have worked, but we made it work. And we still have that relationship now, we’re still together. That’s what we were supposed to do and that’s how we lived it.

Mimi: She’s here now, I can feel her. What are you least proud of? … Now Nancy’s chatting up my ear.

William: Yeah, I wanna say something about Nancy, too. I think he’s kind of emotional about it, cause he’s making my throat itch. He says the best thing he did was his relationships, and then it’s the same coin. The opposite side of that coin is “my relationships.”

Mimi: Yes.

Sid Vicious: I fucked them all up.

William: That’s a pretty big regret. He says he made a lot of poor choices.

Mimi: What kind of poor choices? I mean, one is pretty obvious, but besides that?

Sid Vicious: You can live a life of excess, but sometimes that breaks the relationships you have. Some of those people sometimes try to help, and you just don’t want it. All the relationships I built, I pretty much brought them to the ground and crashed them.

Mimi: So he’s not just talking about romantic relationships. He burned a lot of bridges.

Sid Vicious: Yes I did.

Mimi: And he’s showing me John Lydon [Johnny Rotten] right now. I’m really feeling his sadness.

William: Yeah, I got a lot of emotions. He’s got like a book of names and he’s going through it [flipping pages] and saying “yeah, that one, and that one, and that one…”

Mimi: Yeah I’m feeling that and getting teary-eyed. That’s all from him.

William: Yeah, he got me in the throat a little bit too. That’s a genuine regret for him.

Mimi: Ok Sid. I’m very curious about his answer to the next question. Did he have a life review and how did it go?

William: Yeah, he’s giving me pictures now, showing me this room with a giant table. There’s lots of people around it.

Sid Vicious: I had a review, and it went according to my plan. I had my treasure map with my starting point and my destination, and I got there my way.

Mimi: He just said “my way”!

William: Is that bad?

Mimi: [Laughs] No, he just covered that song, very famously.

Sid Vicious

William: Oh that’s why he threw that in there. I didn’t get it!

Sid Vicious: It could’ve gone worse [the life review] but there was so much love there and understanding.

William: He thought it would be a big “judgment day.”

Sid Vicious: We went through things piece by piece, and they look at both sides of things. They say things like “Hey, you did great here, then there’s this lesson here,” and that’s how it works.

Mimi: Who’s “they”?

Sid Vicious: Love. However you define that.

William: He was surprised that you don’t see the golden shiny stuff until you step back and look at it.

Mimi: I’m hearing him as you’re talking and he’s saying: “He’s really fucking mellow.” [Laughs]

William: Yeah, I am kind of mellow. [Laughs]

Mimi: It’s fine, don’t worry about it. It’s just hearing him that makes me laugh. So what was his opinion about spirituality or God when he was alive?

William: I get the impression that he believed in God but didn’t give a shit.

Mimi [Laughs]: He’s calling us “fucking hippies.” Like if he had met you, doing this [mediumship], with your long hair, he would’ve called you a “fucking hippie.” I keep hearing him say that. He’s joking, of course, but that was his opinion then.

William: Yeah, he had the belief, but he didn’t give a shit.

Mimi: So what does he know now, what does he understand now, that he can tell us?

Sid Vicious: I know everything now!

Mimi: [Laughs] Yeah, he once said to me “I’m a fucking genius now!”

William: He’s showing me a picture of him shooting lightning bolts out of his hands, on top of the world.

Mimi: Haha! Aw yeah.

Sid Vicious: I can’t tell you everything. Life’s about the journey. If I told you everything, you might as well just be here.

Mimi: Right. Does he have a past life that influenced his life as Sid Vicious?

Sid Vicious: The way you asked the question…there’s nothing that influenced Sid Vicious but me, Sid fucking Vicious.

Mimi: So what does he mean by “the way I asked the question”? How could I have asked that?

Sid Vicious: The Sid Vicious life IS the influence.

Mimi: Can’t argue with that!

Sid Vicious: I was the point of origin for all of Sid Vicious.

Mimi: And all the Sid Vicious wannabes after that.

William: He says “yeah.” [Laughs] I’m sure he has something but he’s being kind of cheeky about it.

Mimi: I wanna ask him about the name “Sid Vicious,” did he feel he had to live up to the name?

Sid Vicious: Yeah, there’s a lot of pressure to live up to that. Once you get the stone rolling, you just keep going, and that builds on layers and layers of things you create and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. It wasn’t a lie – I’m Sid fucking Vicious – that’s me, but I had to live to that extreme because that’s what people expected. They bring you that energy. I fed off that energy and just amped it up. When I was alone, I was Sid Vicious. But when I was in a crowd with people expecting to see Sid Vicious, they got Super Sid Vicious.

Mimi [Laughs]: So there’s Sid Vicious, then there’s Super Sid Vicious?

Sid Vicious: Yeah, there was a Super one too! A lot of people are doing that now, a lot of performers, these pop stars, they live that lifestyle and they don’t know how to shut it off.

Mimi: So do you feel you weren’t authentic, then?

Sid Vicious: No, I was authentic. I lived the way I wanted to. I wasn’t posing or living a false life. I lived it how I wanted to live it.

Sid Vicious

Mimi: Ok. I’m thinking of a question now and I don’t know why I’m thinking this, so I’ll just go ahead and ask it. Can he see a life as Sid Vicious where he would still be alive today, where he wouldn’t have died so young?

Sid Vicious: Yeah, I’m out there already, but just not here.

William: He’s saying Sid Vicious is still alive, but on a different earth kind of thing.

Mimi: Ok…you HAVE to say that again…what?!

Sid Vicious: There are many layers to life, so in the infinite, I am still alive.

Mimi: Oh, your consciousness?

Sid Vicious: Yeah. I’m still out there. So there’s a timeline that I can rewind to that point where I checked out, and go past it and live that life.

Mimi: So is he trying to tell you that he’s reincarnated?

William: No.

Mimi: Ok, what is it about that that I’m not getting?

Sid Vicious: Let’s call us Earth One. On Earth Two, I’m still there being Sid Vicious, and it’s still going. I’m learning that way because it hasn’t ended yet.

Mimi: Like a parallel life?

William: Yeah, it’s a different probability. It’s out there, cause anything can happen.

Mimi: Oh, a probability! Ok, I get it!

Sid Vicious: Good, cause I don’t think Will does.

William: Nah, I get it.

Mimi: Well, I kinda get it! I understood he means a different path he could’ve taken, and he can still live that life if he wants. So can he talk to us about another path that he could’ve taken?

Sid Vicious: It’s infinite. Every choice could be different.

Mimi: Ok but what life is he currently living now on “Earth 2”?

William:  He’s in prison. He’s showing me the orange jumpsuit. And there are two major themes going on. One is living without her, cause it’s the same one on “Earth 2”…I forget her name, I apologize, I always forget her name…

Mimi: Nancy.

William: Thank you. So one, it’s living without Nancy and second, it’s living with that weight – the weight of that decision. Just the wrong choice. Yeah….it’s living with what he did after the fact. It’s like a duality thing cause he’s always with her, but here on “Earth 2” he’s not.

Sid Vicious

Mimi: Ok so he is suggesting that he did it, then [killed her]? Cause that was never…he died before anyone could ever find out.

William: On “Earth 2” he’s living with that decision of having done it, yeah. It’s kind of a “matter of fact” thing, like “yeah, of course I did.”

Mimi: Ok. And is it a life sentence? Cause if I understand him correctly, it’s 2015 for him there too, in that time and space? And he’s still in prison.

William: Yeah he’s still there. He’s gonna be there until they kill him, he says.

Mimi: I had that thought too. I was surprised that he hadn’t been killed or that he would still be alive, regardless, yeah.

William: He’s showing me that it’s all paperwork.

Sid Vicious: I got the death sentence, but I’ve got to wait.

William: So he’s waiting. It’ll be years.

Sid Vicious: Unless I escape, I’m not getting out.

William: He’s being nudged to really think about what he did, and that’s why he’s still there.

Mimi: Ok. So is that something he’s manifesting and can get out of anytime, or is he really actually living that life everyday in that parallel, or whatever you want to call it, reality?

William: Yeah, it’s just as real as “Earth 1” would be.

Mimi: That’s fascinating!

William: He’s like, “It’s another life.” Literally he’s showing me a bike wheel. At the core it’s Sid, but [points to the edges of the wheel] it’s not Sid – it’s the higher self of Sid. And this other life…you know the spokes that go up to the edge of the bike wheel he’s showing me: that’s Sid 1 on Earth 1. Sid 2 might be over there, but they’re both valid lives. They still go around and they’re still part of…it’s not imaginary, is what he’s getting at.

Mimi: Right, I get that, yeah.

William: Living with that weight.  So it’s just another angle. And it’s voluntary, no one forced it on him. He wanted to understand the consequences of that decision. It’s all about being on earth, because here you feel these emotions; he wanted to feel what that decision led to and the feelings that come with that.

Mimi: Ok – what has he learned about that so far? If I understand him correctly, he’s consciously living that life at the present, so he’s not yet conscious that there’s a life lesson in there or that he’s having this conversation with us or that his higher self or consciousness is having this conversation with us.

William: Exactly, so in that life he’s not aware of anything else, because that’s the way it was designed to be. What was the question?

Mimi: The question was “What is he learning?”

William: Oh yeah. Heartache. Learning the lesson of the heart is what I’m getting. His heart is broken. He realized that he fucked up. It’s obvious in hind sake for us cause we’re talking about it, but he’s really learning a lesson in separation and heartache. So it’s all about learning love in the absence of it.

Mimi: Wow. Things you didn’t think you’d talk about with Sid fucking Vicious.

Sid Vicious: I’m fucking enlightened!

William [laugh]: It’s funny cause when you say stuff like that…whenever he wants to contradict I hear it exactly in his voice [takes on British accent]: “I’m fucking enlightened!”

Mimi [laughs]: I know he is, I know! Of course he is.

Sid Vicious: You guys are too, you’re just seeing it from the human perspective.

Mimi: I do but yeah, there’s always the ego and human perspective, yeah. But I’m opened to everything he’s saying as being absolutely possible. I understand that that’s something he can choose to do.

William: Some weird stuff, too.

Mimi: Yes. I mean we’ve never, so far, had a spirit tell us he or she chose to come back – see, I’m saying “come back” already as though it was some form of reincarnation, and that’s not it, so that’s why he’s saying I’m understanding it with my human brain.

William: It’s like a flow chart, he says. You see those things on Facebook – he’s showing me those “yes” or “no” with the arrows down. It’s the same thing.

Mimi: I like how spirits have to use Facebook as a reference point now, so that we can understand.

William [laughs]: I know!

Mimi: So what’s his life in prison like, in that life?

William: Oh it’s miserable. Doesn’t like it at all.  And that’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s all about reliving the choices and sucking it up. It sucks!

Mimi: Is he being harassed, or bullied? Or is he Sid fucking Vicious?

William: No, he’s Sid fucking Vicious. Murderers are respected in prison, to a certain degree, is what he’s saying. But at the same time he’s not glorifying it either, cause he fucked up, he’s saying.

Mimi: Ok, I just got a thought from him that he was receiving visitors in prison; groupies and women. Or a particular woman. There are still people in that life who are putting him on a pedestal and worshipping him as Sid Vicious and visiting him.  I just got that from him, like it’s part of a life lesson he’s got to live through as well.

William: Yeah – the word I got was “reminder” – he’s constantly sending things of what could have been in that life. He sees this as “I was this famous dude who had a lot of things going on, then everything shut off, and I don’t want to forget the point.”

Sid Vicious: That one decision was really important, and a lot of the lives revolved around that one choice.

William: He didn’t want to forget about it.

Mimi: Wow…ok…well good luck to you, Sid.

William [laughs]: He’s like “I know it’ll work out in the end.”

Mimi: It is actually a lot to wrap our human minds around. The fact that he’s communicating with us as Sid fucking Vicious – this enlightened being – who is also at the same time NOT living a past life but another probability. So that’s a science fiction movie right there. I hope that someone reading this interview is going to be inspired to do a Sid fucking Vicious science fiction movie  – that would be AWESOME! [laughs]

William: Cool. He likes the idea of that.

Sid Vicious: You write it then.

Mimi: No. [Laughs] So what does he do now?

William: I’m hearing “rehab”, he does a lot of rehab.

Sid Vicious

Mimi: Yes! So for people who don’t understand what that means, can he explain that to us?

William: He works with people who have addictions, and literally helps them rehabilitate. Sometimes they hear him, sometimes they don’t, but he’s still there either way. He helps make the right choices.

Sid Vicious: When people hit rock bottom and they finally save themselves, I can’t do any more.

Mimi: He’s amazing. I can vouch for that.

William: I really felt him on that answer, he’s really passionate about it.

Mimi: Who does he hang out with?

William: Well Nancy’s here. I’m telling her she’s not welcome at the moment, just Sid. I have a hard time when they both talk.

Mimi: Yeah, I’m seeing her smoke.

William: Yeah, she’s hanging out. She’s definitely here too, but she’s kind of off in the distance now. So who does he hang out with…Ray Charles.

Mimi: Wow.

Sid Vicious: A lot of cool guys. There’s no race or religion up here, but I’ve got a lot of black friends here now.

William: [Laughs] Guess he didn’t have a lot in life? I don’t know.

Mimi: Sounds like he’s hanging out with the original rock and rollers.

Sid Vicious: Those are the people I’m drawn to. I learn a lot. Musicians and people who are creative, that’s who I like to hang around with because they understand the problems as well. A lot of people who are creative have addiction problems. We’re on the same wavelength.

Mimi: What does he think about today’s music industry?

William: He’s going through my head catalogue and said “I like Will’s music.”

Mimi: He makes fun of me sometimes when I’m walking with my iPod. Sometimes I’ll feel him pop up behind me and hear “What the fuck is this?”

William [Laughs]: Yeah, he does that. Usually when he comes in, it’s to tell me something about punk, or “that’s not punk,” or “I don’t like that.”

Mimi: Yes, he’s very opinionated.

Sid Vicious [to Mimi]: You have an eclectic mix.

Mimi: I do!

William: He’s got his doctor robe on and hat. He’s kind of being scholarly. He has a caustic type of energy but kind of in a playful way. So he says there’s so much good stuff in the music industry but you’re not hearing it, cause we get the Britney Spears. Time to move forward now.  We’ve got the Miley Cyruses and all these “creative” talents – once you shut the machine off and they sing through a microphone, they suck.

Mimi: Well I disagree with him there – I love Miley Cyrus, she has a great voice.

Sid Vicious: The point I’m making is that those people – there’s a few that have the talents. If you shut the machines off, they’ll sound good. Give them an acoustic guitar, they’ll sound great. It’s the other side of those people, if you shut that shit off, there’s fucking nothing. A lot of the original talent, you’re not hearing. I like those guys. So if I had to pick, I’d say it sucks. I want more people to hear the stuff that’s coming out that’s good.

Mimi: Well there are more options to hear music than there was in his time, cause we have YouTube now, we have the Internet, all these things.

Sid Vicious: You have all the access to it, but you’re not finding it. All these “streaming services” they’re set up with certain seeds and feeding you the top songs. You’re not really getting the eclectic mixes unless you’re eclectic yourself.

Mimi: Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say, “unless you’re looking for it.” So he means people at large.

Sid Vicious: Yeah, there’s a bunch of people I’m not talking about. They’re into it, they get the stuff they like and they branch on, and that’s how it’s supposed to work. But the people who just flip a radio on, they’re getting the same songs they got 20 years ago. Nothing new.

Mimi: Yeah but those people that he’s talking about…are not the type of people who would’ve been into the Pistols either.

Sid Vicious: They probably would be if they had been exposed to it.

Mimi [incredulous]: They would?

William: He’s making a point, hold on.

Sid Vicious: A lot of these people would be into it, but they’re so locked into their box…

William: Oh wow, he’s making a very big point on this one.

Sid Vicious: In the corporate world or whatever, half the people are still sleeping and haven’t woken up yet. So they have their routines, but they just need to fucking let loose. I try to help with that, and a few people I got, but I wish I got more. It’s like in those movies where the stuck up boss in the end finally lets his hair down and dances and has fun. A lot of people would actually like me [his music] if they were more open to it. But they’ll never get there cause they’re stuck in their box.

Mimi: So it’s basically up to us, is what he’s saying. It’s our responsibility to open up to music and different things and loosen up.

William: Yeah pretty much, that’s the point.

Sid Vicious

Mimi: OK, point taken. Does he have any messages for us? The world is his oyster, right now. I just saw him do this [rub his hands], preparing his words.

William: I’m doing that under the table! [Laughs]

Sid Vicious: Sid Vicious wouldn’t have anything very poetic to say, but there are a lot of things I could say. Just be yourself. That’s why you’re here. Everyone is looking for that something, and it’s already there. Just live your fucking life the way you want to live it, and you’re gonna find it.

Mimi: Does he want to talk about Nancy’s death? Since he sort of implied he did it?

William: Let me ask him…he says he did, but I’m trying to get how he did it. I get two specific images. I’m sure that they were related in some ways, but I got a lot of drugs…

Mimi: Yeah.

William:…so that, they weren’t in the right state of mind…and also a physical…like a cut…probably a knife.

Mimi: Yes, that’s exactly how she passed, she was stabbed. And I got that too, that he did it but he was out of it. What I got when I asked him, was that they had a suicide pact, that they were going to die young. They were both stoned when this happened, and he was too stoned – if he had been sober, he of course wouldn’t have done it cause he’s a very gentle soul at heart. And he freaked out when he sobered up and realized what he had done.

William: Yeah.

Mimi: And then he did his side of the bargain or pact afterwards and killed himself.

William: And that’s where it splits into the other one. In this other life he sobered up said “No, I’m not gonna do my side of the pact” and that’s why he ended up in jail. He got caught.

Mimi: Yes.

William: He wouldn’t have done it if he was sober.

Mimi: Of course not.

Sid Vicious: There’s other bitches in the sea. I wouldn’t’ve done it, but I really fucked up.

Mimi: “Other bitches in the sea?”

William [laughs]: Yep.

Mimi: Ok. I feel like asking him if he has any other messages before we leave? Feels like he has something to say.

William: I keep getting some kind of message about love.

Mimi: Aw Sid, yeah, come on. Lay it on us.

William: He’s very sensitive.

Mimi: Of course he is.

William: I know, he’s talking to me as Sid and he’s like “I know, we’re two bros talking about the heart, but just go with it.”

Sid Vicious: It’s all about love. That’s why we do everything we do. Don’t block it or think it’s not there, cause it’s always around.

William: He’s very loving today.

Mimi: I know, I love how we get different aspects of him.

William: I didn’t think I would get the lovey side! He’s giving me little pieces of that.

Mimi: Thank you, Sid!

Sid Vicious: Right. Oh and yeah: fuck the pigs.

Sid Vicious
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